February 15, 2007


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Note: Hereinunder are displayed rough drafts and final versions (such as, a.o., SECRETS OF MY LIFE and DON’T WORRY, MA, NOTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT) of the lyrics to-be applied onto the songs being recorded or having been recorded.

The songs shall be featured on the GATSBY & LAUREN’s debut album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’, expected out on April 10, 2007, provided all the required arrangements have been completed.

The Album is a debut of Gatsby and Lauren’s as brand producers, performers, sound-engineers, songwriters, business and marketing designers and act developers.

The procedure of songwriting, arrangments, lyrics, and the like, is a permanently upgradeable procedure by Gatsby and Lauren’s until the final mix, for they want to utilise the finest options applicable.

Warning!: WORDPRESS is a software which never copies the fonts, structure etc. as in the original.It depends on the template,either, for some process fonts, letter sizes, graphical structure very badly.

Therefore, the lyrics you see hereinunder is just a clumpsy graphical body of the original text. There is no way to command the fonts or sizes, so we are hoping that those hundreds of ‘programmers’ will solve such an elementary problem instead of delivering complicated Tutorials.

THE LYRICS (drafts and final lyrics):


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Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: No more heroes anymore / As we are driving / Our way from shore to shore / The Sun is falling, it’s getting cold / Once we tried to change the world / No more pictures in the frames / Of ’69, and all the protest games / An’ there are no more good alibis / Dear friends, it’s time to rise

Bridge: All I want from you / Is all that I can get / The mission has been/ Already set

Refrain: Hey Hey Hey Hey/ Don’t worry, Ma/Nothing is gonna be alright

Verse 2: The people, getting board of the planes/Children waving them goodbye/ Hundred dreams will burn/ Of one-way saints with no return

Bridge (repeat)

Refrain (repeat)

FINAL LYRICS! (streaming on


Lyrics and music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were searching for / The meaning of my love / Why she never came / Noone ever knew / A call in the night / There was something we had to do

Bridge 1: The world, as an empty shell / (The) Ceiling coming down

Verse 2: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were waiting for / A Messiah with the light / From town to town / We came to every store / Whatever we did / They would ask for more

Bridge 2: The crowds still wave / In the search of love

Refrain: What I have been looking for / Are the keys to every door / The masters you can see / In magazines, on TV

Verse 3: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were searching for / The meaning of my love / Why she never came / Noone ever knew / A call in the night / There was something I had to do

Bridge 1 (repeat): The world, as an empty shell / (The) Ceiling coming down

Refrain: What I have been looking for / Are the keys to every door / The masters you can see / In magazines, on TV.



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: The Masters sat in the chambers room. Then I heard somebodies’ laughter. By the light of the rising Moon. They knew what we were after.

Love. Faith. Prosperity. And the Great Architect. Followed by the men. Who tried to understand.

From the City of London.To the castle in Bel Air. Come on, come on, come on. Find the road to welfare.

Refrain: Message… Message…Message to the people, people, people. Everywhere.
Message to the people, people, people. Find your share

Verse 2: It’s dark now, darker than ever before. As I wander in your dream. Will they ever open the door. Only virtue and no scream. Smile. Life. And the F uture. Building it anew. With our minds. We’ll do it only for you!

I see people talking to the rain. A prophet crying in the cold. Come on, come on, come on. It is not the end of the world.


BROTHERS-IN-BLOOD (Charity Hit-Song as of September 12, 2001)

Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1:

Towers in flame. Thousands sealed. Terorists on plane. With aim to kill.

Centuries ago. Holding the cross. The Templars sailed. Sailed with cause.


We are Brothers- in-Blood. In the ages of time. Staying alive.

We are Brothers-in-Blood. Down by the seas. We’ve learned to survive.

Verse 2:

Written on stone.The world going wild. We were alone.The morning they cried.

Smoke on the street. Their names on file. Madmen’s beat. Lasted for a while.

Refrain: Repeat:

We are coming back. With arms and books.We’ll always stand for you…



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: Nothing ever looks like it does. It’s like waiting on a late night bus. Nothing ever looks like it seems. As you parachute thru your own dreams.

You are so afraid of the (white) polar ice. As the lightning somewhere up there strikes. Nothing ever looks like it was planned. So many dances you did in vain.

Refrain: After the kiss…they call it love. In you heart. And in your mind. After the kisss…they call it love. Like in the summer. Of 1989

Verse 2: Nothing ever looks like it does. As your love is traced in the moonlight snow. Nothing ever looks like it seems. Some people there sit in the first row. Nothing ever looks like it does. As the broken hearts silently fall. Nothing ever looks like it seems. And you’ll never understand this world. At all.

Refrain: Repeat



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: I lean by my window, I do it every day. See people walk down the street by somenone’s call. They go from the west to the arch of the rusted subway. And noone (ever) returns, not even when the night falls.

Bridge: An old man,’ think it was the old Cody, Cody man. He knows all the answers by the heart. He had many  thousands of  fans. And he says now ’cause he is so smart. ‘For our love. We must go on. For our love (children). We must never stop.’

Refrain: Walk on by, And never stop. Walk on by, And never stop. (Find love. Find love.)

Verse 2: Baladeers came from the storm. Like the ghost sailing to the Moon. The faces into the world were thrown.  You may get down there very soon.

Opt: Walking down the street is all they do. And every morning they do it anew.

Bridge: They have no hope, no, even not a dream. Yet the oldman whom noone sees, and all read of  in many a book. Keeps saying to all the people who, oh so so softly scream.’ Change your direction and be proud of the way you took’.

Refrain : Repeat

Optional (Opt.):

Verse 3:  Heartaches flow, people turn to stone. Every man carries a church from within. Cards of solitaire rust at home. Nothing  now seems to be real. It’s like a nightmare, not a dream .



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

(‘It’s so dark, darker than ever before’We are all now, turning into a dot.comAnd men try to call me, by the means of cellular phone.)

Verse 1: For thousands years, I’ve been watching history. The private lives and the faith of Jews (world’s views). I followed every soul,’n’ tried to make them see. Blinded by (the) Dark Ages, and now by the Breaking news.

Refrain: With angels I’ve travelled for so long. Thru the play people tried to create.Taken by the weather now.It seems I’ve come down too late.The galleys awaiting by the shore. Of the knights you never to pray for.

Verse 2: I was away for too long. People have done so many things wrong. How long will it take, before you’ll understand. That the Captain lost his way. But he will come back from the sand.

Verse 2a: My Father let them grow, and tried to make them free. Yet I do feel wars, and a lack of any prays. Some prophets came here long after me. Causing the Earth’s last days.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3: I watched many a loser, and many a TV show. Joys of gay boys, and listened to the radio.I saw many a cowboy, and I liked them quite a lot. Not a crazy English king, murdering all of his wives. Getting my church out, to save his own plot.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 4: Knight Templars. Noone ever talks of them now. Back in their time, they followed their star.And now it is your duty ,to spread the truth out.Now when when life is so near, and everything else so far.



Lyrics and Music: Ivan Gatsby – Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: Now,the last heroes open the door. Of a saloon on the long and winding road. For so long having been closed. And for so long being gone. Every ghost having come  there. They are  still comin’  so alone. In the world they hardly knew. There is nowhere (else) they can go to. Recalling the times they knew so good. And all the the chords they understood

Bridge: Find a way. A place to hide. Find the way. When the wind blows. Stand up again (keep your pride). Against the storm that’s a- comin’

Refrain:  Are there any reasons to live any more. Are there any reason to be so sour. Is there anything we can do. For our country and My Lord, for you.

Verse 2:  The saloon’s been closed for so long. ‘The myth is over’, the barman just said. Now and then we we can only hear a song. Wyatt and Doc have been long dead. Life here is not kind, you may return home. After the storm is gone.

Bridge:  Mark you way. As they are riding in the rain. Find your way through. If you wanna meet them all again. The storm is a-comin’. An’ their faith is due.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3:  A farmer says, ‘The wind’s turning wild’. ‘We’ve used to be good people’. An’ used to work hard’. We have done it for our wife and child. We just pulled out the wrong card. No there is no mirror and heaven. Don’t understand why there is much fuss. No secrets of number seven. Just the storm a-comin’ to us.

Refrain: Repeat

FINAL LYRICS (updating possible)


Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1:  ‘All for One’ was our dream. United heroes on the scene. Dancing away anywhere you seemed. As we were stumbling in. None of us was wrong that night. (As) Long as I could see the light. Diamonds are forever, I know. Double feature and the Picture Show.

Refrain Can you hear me crying ? Can you hear me crying out? We are sealed under, under the cloud. And I am gonna dream for everyone. Anywhere you seem. In the wind.

Verse 2:  You’ve got a friend, you always knew. Guitar Man was always meant for you. Wind of Change was then somehow true. To a man, coming Out of Blue. More Than a Feeling was the rhyme. Of souls lost in the bridge of time. Waking up is so hard to do. And this song is only for you.

Refrain: Repeat



Words and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse: We’ve been (the) Perfect Nobodies. The politicians always play with. And whom noone ever sees. Yet we’ve changed the world from behind. Using our hands . And by the force of our mind. When the night is gone. Comes the end of a tale. There is noone else we can lie to. As dawn breaks. And our faces look so pale. With amibitions ruined. It’s time to face the truth.

Bridge: We’ve never stolen any money. From a man or a state. All the time it must’ve been funny. Now we find it out, now when it is too late

Bridge 2: There is noone in us to save. Noone will ever cry at our graves.

Refrain: There are no headlines. And there are no stories. No gossips or lines. No joys or worries. No melody or just a simple beat. About us. The people from underneath. We are the Perfect Nobodies

Verse 3: The midnight has been passing by. It’s snowing now but it’ll all soon be dry. People wander, stepping out from the dark. Witho no idea of tomorrow. Or any new Arc

Bridge: They watch shows and TV news. They vote shut down in their blues.

Refrain:  Yet we are the Perfect Nobodies. Perfect Nobodies for all times. We are the Perfect Nobodies. Living our life between the lines.



Lyrics and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Verse 1: Life was so hard to live. No time to go and dreamweave. Just the work. In a town, a town with no name. No talk of wealth or a fame. Tamed by the duties, we had to do. I wished on a star, and I wished only for you. Far away, far away from any road. Wanted to flee out, just couldn’t dig the code.

Refrain: Tell me,why are you so good now? Tell me, by the sound of our crow. How long, shall we live in a town with no name

Verse 2: The pockets empty, we had to try. We waited, and none of us ever cried. It was shame. We just got rusted. Wrapped up, with the load of our lies.

Refrain: Repeat

Verse 3: Locked down, in our valley. Shadows on, we climbed the tree. Maybe out, out there in the world. It would be better. If only we could find the road.











Words and Music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

There was a man I hardly ever knew. Once he brought a purple bouquet, And left it to the lady who pefectly sewed. I never knew who that man was. The lady told me about his reasons and a cause, An’ I could not beleive that was true. In our city of people mining for the gold.By the rain, snow, draught and early in the dawn. There was a man coming with blizzard and water cold. Noone else ever came afterwards, And even fewer left their homes. My mother told me when I was only four. Fly the plane with your hands, use your mind. Think it is all real and you will open the door. At a place of the corner, Or some place in our city behind the time. Nothing ever happenned there that I saw.

They mined and mined and never found out, What they were looking for. Other drank bottles into dusk, And the women always feared to show. And noone wrote us a letter from out there,

Somewhere in the world. I loved you so much that I could say. I loved your body and what you failed to do. The storyteller landed from the stardust. And he started writing about someone else’s love, And he wrote about you. He wrote that our love was too immense to fake. And he never wrote a word thereafter. He just closed himself in a house with a mistake. And all we could hear since then was just his laughter.



Refrain: Framed within realities of the slum. He started all over again. This a story of the storyteller against the rain. Rising our world to other level. Then he was claimed insane. Storyteller against the rain.The drops coming out. And falling down. Washing away his name.

He was a storyteller against the rain.We could see more of him. When he could not think of fame. Maybe he sank in his last dream.

Verse: He used to be in the war, then with Salvation Army order. He saw the kings on the throne and the ladies beneath. He never lived his life but his books started folders. They had never told him if it was a miss or a hit. He was writing lines of the bones. In the graves of some other people who hardly ever lived.

He was researching the files of the precious stones.Some other people held and would never give. One day he made a snowman out of the mud, He made him out of his pain. Then he lay in his house for ages afterwards.The only time he would go out was against the rain.And noone was sure if it was by the ordeal or by reward. The roads emptied, the houses died. And people left the place.

Everyone stopped living there anymore. But the man who came out against the clouds of disgrace. I hear he now lives in a saloon on the first floor. He writes on the empty sandy road,About the band to come out with a drum and so on. He wrote that this would be great, But he never wrote anything else until the next storm.

I still love you more than you could ever know. We moved to some other town but nothing has changed. People go to mine wherever the other waters flow.The peace never stops but everything is the same. My life has gone by,and I want to read a novel and a story.

Where is the Storyteller who wrote phrases of you and me. A few chapters oh how we were happy about and how we worried. This is all what some lonely people from next generations will see. And I still think of how the Storyteller. Lined up against the sky.He must’ve known the secret of our lives. But the rain certainly erased his words,And thoughts he sent to the sky.

Now paper covers a torn out street without a single line.


No money to pay bills come due. Ghost faces soaring in the living room. I can’t see any door out. The path guiding me to you. Lost and confused,my life turns to stone. I locked my self in a church. I was alone there with Jesus above the altar. Then I locked the church within. And i spoke to the Heaven.Twenty-four hours a day.

It was like an interview. About what was I had been through.

Ref: My Lord, are you still trying to figure out. What belongs to me and what belongs to you. We both know know there is no way out. Of this pale sort of blue.

Verse: I saw a man talking to himself. On the street after the Sixth Avenue. Then I heard a woman behind the window. Speaking holy words of love and fidelity. I looked upon the board.And there was noone with her…


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