About: Gatsby and Lauren

At this stage, it is resembling a walk on the string up there in the heights…Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren have been media and business innovauteurs, skilled music professionals and talented hit-song composers.

We do the projects from ‘A-Z’ at a fraction of standard costs, yet on a highly professional, innovative and very often unaparalled creativel level.

Therefore, we are taking an opportunity to display our Projects briefly to the potential Angel Investors (referring to Pre-seed/Seed/Start-up stages), as well as the serious Label-distributors, with aim of commencing our opening project of Gatsby & Lauren brand.

At the Pre-Seed /Seed, a phase-by-phase, Business Plan to be attached hereinto as of February 20, 2007, we are offering the full capacity protection and realistical profit expectancy out of the first mega album The World We Are A-Changin’ by Gatsby and Lauren, as producers, songwriters and act,

as well as out of the Gatsby & Lauren’s Artistic / Release Roster to follow-up, such as:

COHEN (known also as: tHE TOUCHDOWNS – A Tablod Melodic Punk in-house outfit): Communication Lost, the album comprising up to 12 songs, most of them holding hit and megahit potentials as the melody and otherwise hooks, catchiness, lyrical strenght, identifying a postX Generation doomed to the globalised world which is facing the apocalyptical future in the years to come.

DAta! DAta! ( A Tablod Techno Pop;  Dream Pop virtual outfit at this stage) : One Forever After, the album featuring up to 11 songs, and many potential blockbusters, such as Kiss Me Atomatic…It’s So Chic, Proud To Be Catholique, and so forth.

ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR ( Neo Brit Pop, AOR, Grand Epic) : From the Shadows They Came (alt. Worlds Inside), a to-be stadium sensation all over the world, a superbly commercial yet intrinsicaly challenging act, promoting the modern KnightTemplar’s values, establishing new class of Catholicocrats whose mission is to save the Earth from moral and physical (ecological; climate) decay, as well as the white world civilisation’s upper degrees, lately becoming obsolete in terms of demographic and spiritual values. AtT shall line up a megahit after megahit, anthems of generations, and as such present the principal music project og Gatsby & Lauren’s.

TESLA GIRLS! (Global Sympho Pop, a hit-ridden first virtual all-group ever): An Evening on Earth, containg megahits potential summertime gems such as Summertime Cola (Hallo Helo Ola), Alert on Planet Earth, Lennon Just Tonight, Sound of Revolution, and so forth.

isaac-lauren-during-a-session.jpg Isaac Lauren, as a sound engineer, during Secrets of My Life mastering session (filmed by a cellular phone)

The line of Gatsby & Lauren’s projects in-development is briefly stated within archive texts which have been published, besides the novelties and economic potentials their MegaHit Catalogue nad other media-business projects bring along.

Ivan Gatsby is entitled to a sue for material and otherwise damages caused to him by a State from 1992.; the Claim is expected to total between EUR20.000.000,oo to EUR135.000.000,oo The sue is at the Constitutional Court.

Other collaterals Gatsby and Lauren offer to the Angel Investors / Label- Distributor are : a) Relevant set of insurances, b) Intellectual Property Assets applicable thereto (eg: Copyrights and Related Rights, extending to the songs being written and attached to Gatsby & Lauren’ s MegaHit Catalogue 2007-2012), c) Low-Cost Business Organisation, as well as Start-up costs at the outset (hence, HIT INDUSTRIA is a DIY Label at this stage) resulting in the improved liquidity of the funds invested therein and the immediate rise of ROA (Return-on-Assets) towards the Exit Period as to-be defined in the Joint Venture or Investment Agreement; d) Know-How: creative, business-; marketingwise for Gatsby and Lauren offer and develop the array of Unique Selling and Unique Marketing Points for each of the projects included in the Agreement with the Investor / Label-Distributor.

The opening Pre-seed/Seed phase of the Investment/Joints Venture Agrement refers to:

DIY label HIT INDUSTRIA (legal entitry of the sole proprietorshiop / craftsmanship status owned by Isaac Lauren and developed by Ivan Gatsby);

and their opening project, the album with immediately viable hit potential as to thev offline and online commercail explotiation in the territories of, primarily, the USA, Germany, Netherland, Norwegia, Austria, the UK, Australia, France, Spain, Poland,Italy, France, Australia, Japan….) titled The World We Are A-Changin’, which features 11 (Eleven) songs. All the credits to the Album, concerning all rights therefrom, relating to peformance, production, arrangment, sound-engineering, metadata etc., are and shall be the Gatsby and Lauren’s property.

This is the starting asset – the difference between the marketable value of the Project, comprising the standard marketing materials such as: a) professionally produced and innovative video spot(s), b) web site – mini portal, ecommerce based platform enabling more than 40 different manners of purchasing the products (cca 24 unique gateways ranging from phone/cell phone, cheque and prepaid, card and credit card, as well as the unique MEDIAMATIC* solution of low cost / all-applicative Clearance Method, and so forth.

The projects which have been developed and are ready for recording / finalisation are:

DAta! DAta!: Super Double A-Single: Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic / Proud To Be Catholique, both to-be instant hits! on the basis that the latter was turned down by four broadcast stations when applying to the local contest for the song representing the country at Eurosong2007. The marketing bomb guaranteed! Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic, a commercial sensation for the EUropean countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia,etc., for it reminds of the sweet naivety of the early 70s, the robotic acts appearing at that time (the outset of the Disco Age,too. as of 1975. to cca 1982).

The singles of DAta! DAta!’s, COHEN’s and TESLA GIRLS!’s (referring to the summer) shall be recorded and ready for issue by the May 15,2007, provided the agreement with the Investor / Label-Distributor is signed by March 10, 2007, and the recording of The World We Are A-Changing’ albums kicks off by March 15, 2007.

ivan-at-garden-party-29-9-06.JPG Ivan Gatsby, cynicallysieghailing’  the outcome of a meeting with the alleged ‘Angel Investors’

Further values are featured in the Business Models relating to the Gatsby & Lauren’s brand, comprising the Editions and profitable In-Advance Sellouts.

Please, do read the texts in this Blog, and after having briefly informed of what we do and can do, do contact us at the mail:

For more information, copy and paste:


and stream the songs:



as performed by GATSBY & LAUREN.

NOTE: The links listed under  the Blog’s topics demonstrate the selection of our privately selected utilising music industry web sites/portals on music industry information and chronology, music practice, statistics, profits, sales reports, case studies, applicative laws, contracts, agreements, and the like.

The sole purposes of the links denoting particular highly usable texts and sites/portals is to provide the in-depth information to the potential investor  who has not been fully familiar with investing the music business.


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