February 5, 2008


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‘ Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren, composers, producers, sound engineers and designers, performers and business toure de force, have revitalised their efforts to create a full-scale milestones in any genre of ‘Classic Pop-Rock Music“.

This is why they penned a double one-off deal with a minimajor on January 27, 2008.

The identity of minimajor is to be stashed as business secret until the date of the opening Gatsby and Lauren’ album“ release becomes due.  It is believed to be from Austria, though.

Following a stream of delays, Gatsby and Lauren have just completed recording of what is conceived to be ‘the most superior debut album ever’, as well as ‘an all-time instant-classsic album’ –namely ‘The World We Are A-Changin’.

The album previously having been announced in this portal features 13 songs of megahit and hit value, empowering outstanding masterpieces of art country, sympho-rock and BritPop genres.

This album notwithstanding, Gatsby and Lauren are ready to record their first dadaistical in-house band DA!DA! (formerly: DAta!DAta!), the one falling into Electro Pop subgenre -‘Tabloid Techno Pop’.

The album, at demo version status for the time being, has been reported as a ‘a gem of the lightweight yet distressing bubble-gummy type of radio-friendly music’.

The album is titled ‘Daily News Café’.
Gatsby and Lauren’s journey into the realm of Electro Pop has not been entirely unexpected, for Ivan Gatsby might have written the first-ever electro poppish song ‘I Am the Computer. You Are the Machine’ back in 1969, which is why David Stone, Gatsby’s associate at that time, ‘calls him the grandfather of Robot-Pop’.

“Ivan (Gatsby) used to put drops of motor oil into the milk while we were composing the songs to be featured on the album”, said Lauren at the rushily organised press conference at the Intercontinetal Hotel on January 24,2008, “He was doing so because he wanted the critics and audience to feel the new dimension in the music. The album we can send to the outter space as the landmark of our mass media achievement. I know that Daily News Café and it’s 13 fantastic, irresistible, magic-grabbing and time proof songs shall deliver the bias of melodies correspondent to the music belonging to whatever being underpinned under the term ‘electro pop’”.

In an off-beat ambient, Gatsby and Lauren displayed the album’s demos to the invited public, and reportedly most of the guests were fascinated by a insightful and deliciously infectious infotainment.

The cynism, a trademark of Gatsby and Lauren’s opus,is to be mitigated at times by the themes such as ‘Kiss Me Automatic..It’s So Chic’, ‘The Art of Bla-Bla-Bla’. Yet, cynism interwines again throughout the album, procyclicaly reappearing thru the words and comments of information-equipped computers and robots, who happen to comment the affairs in the world.

Gatsby and Lauren speak their views on ‘The World We Are A-Changin’ wherein subtle protests travel in between the lines.

‘Daily News Café’ shall present the robots, charged by internet knowledge, questioning the values of the world nowadays.

The album ‘Daily News Caffe’, ‘ which would have sold tripleplatinum in the preinternet age’, as an music industry insider remarked, delivers radio flavoured megahits ‘Kiss Me Automatic.. It’s So Chic’, ‘The Art of Bla-Bla-Bla’, ‘Life Goes On’ ‘Proud To Be Catholique’, backed by the likes of ‘ABC of Singing-So Far Away’, ‘Tell Me What’s Going On’, ‘Paris, London, Amsterdam’, ‘They Used To Be Robots (But We Are Robots No More), ‘The Believers’, ‘How Electric We Can Get’, ‘All Night Hallo’, ‘Das is Mein, Das Kapital ‘, ‘ The Air That We Need’ , ‘ This Very Night’, ‘Unzipped Memories’ and ‘popcornish’ instrumental for SMS generation ‘Wishing by Numbers’.

There is no doubt that these songs shall awash the waves and bytes EUwide, launching the finest of sophisticated music kitsch.

Despite the genre, the album is reported to be noiresque, and abundant of surprises to the naďve and openhearted public.

“The scope of DA!DA!’s project is to complete the scope of Kraftwerk, German and Synth disco, Hot Butter and any derivatives thereof”, states Gatsby. ”The opening album, to be followed by the ‘One Forever After’, additional bundle of megahits and hits in Tabloid Techno Pop, shall by the rule of thumb nominate the Project as the ultimate one in the genre”

“Never forget, each of the abums to be issued at Gatsby and Lauren ‘Platinum by Default Edition’ is projected as the very best of each genre,and which poses the achievement of mankind”.

The press asked Gatsby what made him so certain that the next ‘advanced form of artificial living on Earth’ would be Catholics’, as claimed in the song ‘Proud To Be Catholique’, the one having been refused at the four national contests for Eurosong 2007.

“Unlike humans, robots are supposed to be well informed and intelligent. If you are informed and intelligent, what else can you be?”

Robots Catholics? Will they be the only Catcholics left in, say, 100 years?


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