February 26, 2007


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Album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’ belongs to the class of high-end, extraordinarily profiled, commercially viable megalit albums containing the songs predicted to become all-time standards, as well as hits at the time of release.

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren are multitalented and CV-ed songwriters, arrangers, (co)performers, instrumentalists, sound engineers, producers, marketing and business designers, promoting new exotic financial instruments as to the start-up financing. Their talent, which has been essentially unutilised to the full limit to this date, is breaking out now with this album, rumoured to feature at least 4-5 to-be standards of modern music.




The genres: Cyber Acoustics, featuring Singer-Songwriters subgenres: County Sugar Pop Noir; Protest Folk Soft Rock, whererever applicable; Grand Epic, a style optimised for anthems, with the traces of BritPop

SONGS: BROTHERS – IN – BLOOD. A Grand Epic anthem, a hommage to the KnightTemplars. Originally issued on September 12, 2001 (on, now defunct website) as a charity hit after 11/9/2001. It is a call for KnightTemplaristic spiritual values to be adopted by every man with the goal of saving this planet from the climate and other relevant disasters threating the humankind, and to revive the White, Christian (Catholic) morals being wasted in new globalised conception of politic-driven and corporations-favoured states. A song to become a hymn to the football stadiums, and a TOP1 Ringtone hit. An identity icon! Generations’ gem!!!

ANYWHERE YOU SEEM. Eternal instrumental intro, a memory of the younger days of late 60s , 70s and early 80s. A superb matinee song., of times when we all dreamed and some still do.

SECRETS OF MY LIFE. Once you were a member of a school-rite. Then you wanted to change the world, within the limits of your unstable information opus. Very few have any chance of doing so. Once, after you have started to modify the environment, you may find out there is very little you can do on your own.

A TOWN WITH NO NAME. Locked within the boundaries of a small city in the middle-of-nowhere, listening to the folk-music celebrities, while being in love with a person who dreams of the persons in the world outta there, having no sight of any road to your town which practically does not exist on the atlas, what can you do?

WALK ON BY ( AND NEVER STOP). Being marginalised, you watch from your window in a block of Bronx people walking down the street, carrying their attaches or themselves in the carrier bags, stepping down the subway arcadium, and never coming back. The next morning, you see from your window another group of people who resemble so much of the group a day ago, walking the same direction, and never returning . Is there anything you can do, supported by the homeless people down there noone cares for? Of course, there is! You gotta just walk on by to your goal, no matter how small or great your goal might be, and never stop. We should all walk on by to the right goal, inspired by the welfare cause and we should never stop until we make it true.

DON’T WORRY, MA, NOTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT. The subtle protest gem of the 21st century! Cool, hopeless, yet elegant and noble. The islamist have decided to kill mothers and innocent people, aboard of the planes, to promote and export the greatest of humanly produced dangers ever – Islam – into the territories of the Catholics, Christians and White Men. The people die… And actually noone really cares thereabout? Every terrorist has human rights. Those who have been killed don’t have any. Who is responsible therefor? What are exactly human rights? Who do the so called Human Rights refer to? And who is human, by the realistic criteria? Are the humans all those creatures made up of piles of flesh, clad in clothes, having hair, who technically look like people?

MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE. Once upon atime, the KnightTemplars renovated Europe by the roads, Gothic buildings, cheques…They were excincted later by a French King who owed them money and did not want to return. Centuries thereafter, the groups of FreeMasons started their activities. This is a story of them…

THE PERFECT NOBODIES. You dream of achieving a social, emotional and materialistic success, whichever suiting you better. Then you open your eyes and walk the roads od many. And turn into a man every politician stands for, does nothing for, and who cannot say a word without being humiliated. Welcome to becoming a Perfect Nobody. Unless you have not been one, already. In either way, sing this song with us. And remember: Never give up if your targets are worthy. Walk on by (and never stop).

THE STORM A-COMIN’. Wild West. Heroes dead and gone, the saloon by the road virtually open. The people working on the farms. However, we all feel something is a-comin’. A storm, another storm is spotted on the horizon, black massive clouds close to the ground. Shall we survive another storm a-comin’ to us?

CONFESSIONS OF A TRAVELLER. Our Lord, embodied in the Holy Son Jesus Christ has been travelling thru our souls, and the world the Wholy Father has created, for more than 2.000 years. This could be one of his confessions, if He were physically with us, as once when He was embedded in the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. We all should be worried at our Lord’s comments. God was thrown out of the EU Constitution. Who remained?

STORYTELLER AGAINST THE RAIN. The little city, deep down in the West, modelled at it’s creation solely of the wooden houses, is rusted and gone now. It’s been a ghost town ever since the people discovered there was no gold-mine at all around. We were proud to live in those few wooden-houses. A storyteller, the man who seemed to be writing books, but never having issued one, still lives there. And keeps record of our love, forgotten and erased by the sands. A song figuratively announcing the new album titled COMMUNICATION LOST to be performed by the Tabloid Melodic Punk outfit COHEN (known also as: THE TOUCHDOWNS) .

RESUME: The songs feature an on-going structure of catchy; hook-based melodies and harmonies, the lyrics contributing to the noblety and credibility of the product substance. Each of the songs herein posseses the quality of a standard; instant hit; all-time evergreen, which we will be discovering through the years and decades to come. The original and often lushy arrangments, unique interpretations, the genres contrasts (artglam – folk/protests etc)…

Gatsby and Lauren, although mainstream, glamourous, often luxurious productionwise, do promote AFTER POP ROCK Noir style implemented thereinto, a cynical approach (wherever it happens to be valued as tasty and semantically valid…



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