February 26, 2007


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Ivan Gatsby And Isaac Lauren shall provide the Investor / Label-Distributor with all necessary Legal and Metadata issues, such as:

Agreement Between Members of Group.

The performing artist for the opening album are Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren.They are both owners of the Artist name: GATSBY & LAUREN, in equal share (50-50). The in-house named and studio session backing perfomers such as GREGORIAN DEI CHOIR shall be paid on a fixed basis, with no any further rights as to the issue, just as any other backing-vocals to be utilised thereby.


Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren shall prepare the documentation tailored and optimised to the Investor’s/ Label-Distributor’s policies. The documents on the Incestment Agreement, containing the values, exit and rights acquired therewith are prepared and shall be refined, provided so required, in order to comply with relevant State laws.

Distribution and Promotion Strategy

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren shall develop the low cost-full efficiency marketing program for each of the projects therein involved.

Copyrights, Related Rights

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren are the owners of copyrights to be comprised, as well as all the rights deriving therefrom, which creates the perfectly suitable commercial Intellectual Asset for collaterising any resource of financial support. No samples are used throughout the labum, so no Sampling clerarance is required to be obtained..

Work for Hire Agreements

Agreement of  ‘Work for Hire’ shall be signed prior to any studio and otherwise engagements with any session talent Gatsby and Lauren select hire to preclude any possible future claims by that session talent that they are owed royalties or that they have ownership rights in the masters.

Producer Agreement

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren are sound engineers, producers, arrangers. No outside producer shall be used.

Production Credits

All the production credits listed in the liner notes–for session people, producers, and others–conform to any contractual requirements. There shall be no “Courtesy Of” engagements.

Liability Releases/Permission Forms

The designer selected by Ivan Gatsby and Isaa Lauren shall create the final original artwork for the label and associated material applicable online and offline. No photograph, logoartwork under liability of the Third Party shall be used thereby.

Copyright Notices for Songs

Album shall contain the correct copyright notices for all of the songs on the record. Each song credit shall correctly state for each song the name of the song’s publisher and the publisher’s performing rights society (i.e., ASCAP, BMI, etc.). Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren are their own, DIY publishers at this stage, planning to register a LTD. company titled ‘MI2 MUSIC’, to deal exclusively with commercial activities relating to the songs from Gatsby and Lauren’ s ever evolving MegaHit Catalogue.

Copyrighting Original Material

Ivan Gatsby and Issac Lauren shall comply copyrights with the best practices in the industry. They have done so using the public notary and public song timeline up to this stage. Once the Pre-Seed/Seed funds have been acquired, and the album recorded, Gatsby and Lauren shall register songs through the copyright applications for recordings and original songs.

Trademark Notices/Registrations

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren have the legal right to use the group name and label name, and hence shall consider the advantages of filing trademark applications for those names.

Obtaining A Bar Code or Universal Product Code (UPC)

Once the Album has been completed and is ready for release, Barcode and Watermark, required for tax/chart elligible selling and roayltiy payments, shall be obtained after the agreement with the Investor / Label-Distributor. Since the significant sales are anticipated, Gatsby and Lauren shall register with SoundScan and other servicers of the kind of the global level, for SoundScan compiles record sales data based on the scanning of bar codes from sales at retail stores and then sells that information to its subscribers, which include all of the major record companies.

In accordance therewith,


Such metadata enable the royalties expected and the payment thereof.

The codes required are: Universal Product Code (UPC): This is also known as a “bar code” and it is attached to nearly every packaged product available in retail stores. Each product has a unique 12-digit number, encoded in the bars, which are scanned upon purchase and allow for the tracking of inventory and sales. Gatsby and Lauren shall obtain the best price barcodes trackable in every region of the world.

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code): Gatsby and Lauren shall obtain this relatively new international identification system for sound recordings and music DVDs. Peter Spellman of Music Business Solutions writes thereabout: “ The 12-character alphanumeric ISRC functions as a digital “fingerprint” for each track. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording, to help identify recordings for royalty payments. It is assigned per track, not per CD. Unlike UPCs, the ISRC is tied to the track, not the carrier of the track. No one knows which code will end up being the universal identifier for digital music tracks, but the ISRC is a good start (even though the RIAA runs the program). It’s smart to identify your recordings this way. They are embedded in the metadata of your CD during the mastering phase. Make sure you let your CD manufacturer know these codes are in your master. If your CD manufacturer doesn’t know about ISRCs, find one that does. ISRC codes can be obtained by both large and small music companies, even single artist labels. The full application process can be performed online and via email. Those based in the U.S. can download forms and get further information at: . If you are based outside the U.S., visit for the information you need.”

CD Text: Gatsby and Luren shall fully provide information about the release that can be encoded as a separate file on an audio CD. It stores information like the album and song titles. When playing back an audio CD containing CD Text information on a CD Text-enabled player (usually an LCD screen), the listener will be able to read this information on the display panel. It’s displayed only on CD or DVD players, not on the desktop of most computers. One fast-growing space for these displays is satellite-radio-enabled cars.

CDDB (CD Data Base) : Assuming the imporftance of the online developing sales, Gatsby and Lauren shall provided CDDB, a database for software applications to look up CD information over the Internet, identifying CDs and tracks listed thereupon.


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