February 10, 2007


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Album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’ (further: ‘THE ALBUM’) displays a high-end investor’s opportunity in terms of the relevant criteria employed hereby. First of all, the Album contains globally exploitive songs, mastered and tailored for every media market and related source of income on the global level.

The Album is expected to find its way, without immenese marketing campaign, onto the charts of:

  1. USA
  4. UK
  5. ITALY

For the very fact is is not only an album for teenagers but for the generations grown-up on the mature rock and folk, who cannot identify and enjoy with almost any of the releases put on the market at the time being, due to the lack of the high-class songs featured on the albums comprising mostly fill-up songs or the sophisticated social engagements. The lyrics of those issues range between ‘gansta criminal’, empty cliches and struggle for the ‘human rights’ relating to,a.o.: a) homosexuals to marry and grow children; b) Muslims who have never heard of such rights in their domicile countries they fled from, and now want them at the expense of the West. No Muslim wants to return to their countries,though…Unless they are returned within the realm of the circumstances tol be attached thereto.


The Album, including the full-capacity commercial exploitation of the songs and related values – SOURCES OF INCOME LISTED IN THE POSTS ON GATSBY & LAUREN DATA (English) -mAS WELL AS IN STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN (Croatian) – is expected to sell online and on physical markets (CD; Customised CD; On-Demand CD etc.), referring to the profit acquired by a ROA (Return-on-Assets within the defined period) thanks to the low-cost album production and business cost (marketing inclusive) selling 2,5 (TwoMillionFiveHundredThousand) Million copies worldwide.

The Gross Profit expected within the period of 5 (Five) Years as of the Album’s release, both online and as a physical unit, complimented by the standard and evolving miscallenous sources of the IP income, is expected at cca USD11 (Eleven) Million; Net Profit for the Label or Investor owning the Rights for a defined period of time is expected at cca USD5,4 (FiveMillionFourHundredThousand) during the hereinabove period.

The profits are expected to be more variable by the utilisation of the external misc. resources of income, including the collaterals derived by the Buy-Out Agreement.

THE COST OF MAKING ALBUM/ MARKETING / BUSINESS PLATFORM: The low-cost labour of Gatsby and Lauren’s, honoured by the assortiment of the applicable models, ideas and design, guarantees the Investor / Label-Distributor the full-return of the capital invested by stages. Gatsby and Lauren require capital for the research and development at this stage, honouring the further practical work in media and business, and therefore are ready to sign the PreSale Agreement relating to the Buy-Out of the ready-to-release album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’, with all required metadata, rights, marketing plans, business designs, development of the business platform for displaying and distributing of the Gatsby and Laurenšs Media and Business products.

The Album should be priced at USD5,99 – 6,99 for the online sale (mid-price) and USD9,99 -12,99 for the physical CD purchase, either as an On-Demand release or in the physical stores, to stimulate the public to Gatsby and Lauren’s brand. In association therewith, the expected total profits for the Investor or Label during the period 2007-2012 (commencing as of the Releases’s date) should be in size of USD4.600.000,oo-5.400.000,oo.

Gatsby and Lauren welcome hereby any Investor or Label-Distributor willing to sign a Buy-Out Agreement (to be added to the blog as of February 16,2007), at favourable terms as to the payment installments during the period of the Agreement.

The Agreement shall be signed to the total of:

USD1.118.957,oo (OneMillionOneHundredEighteenThousandNineHundredFiftySeven),

the installments of payment thereof tailored to the Investor’s or Label-Distributiors’s best interests, containing a small advance for Gatsby and Lauren’s:

R&D and production/mastering of the Album,

as well as production of the further releases: Song Catalogue updating, the Brand enhancement etc.

Since the most of the Investor’s / Label-Distributor’s committment shall be in the written liabilities and not in the money advance, it is possible for the Investor / Label-Distributor to sell the Agreement to the Third Party and engage additional resources of the profits .

Secondary collaterals shall be featured in the Agreement as to relevant insurance, Right-Options, new project discounts and so forth.


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