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11.11.06 SECRET OF THEIR LIVES! The recording of a to-be Mega-hit, both on the worldwide and worldwhite levels, a song titled SECRETS OF MY LOVE, shall be completed by November 14, and aftewards sent to a group of closely selected adresses in Austria at this stage. Why Austria? “My girlfriend lives in Wien, she’s been a true-born Austrian and she insists on complimenting Austria with a global media (export) product”, says Gatsby.

A ‘Nice’n’Teasy’ album, tentatively titled THE WEST OF…SO VERY FAR (alt. THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’) shall be recorded and performed for this occasion solely by GATSBY & LAUREN….

6.11.06 SECRETS OF MY LIFE, a sure-fire mega-hit, both on the worldwide and worldwhite levels, shall be available to the selected dozen (companies) within 86 hours as of this announcement. A ‘Nice’n’Teasy’ album shall be recorded by GATSBY & LAUREN, acting as the performers for this occasion. Hence,a string of privately held studio sessions is expected thru December,2006. to March 2007. A&R of a leading major label and distributor, has been reportedly excited about signing proposal featuring ‘All-In One’ low-cost profile deal with the Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren, to be operatively utilised as the A-Z project providers.

Gatsby and Lauren do not share the gentleman’s overstated enthusiasm, though. “The excellance of the songs to follow might hurt the gentleman“, says Lauren,” ‘ for he has been accustomed to the endless hip-hop, /c/rap issues, and this is where the world, a civilised one, is going to. The crash of criteria, slamming of intellect, and in effect, the rappers rule the music scene”….

The mantra of Gatsby and Lauren’s bad luck which comes by deafult as to the conditions surrounding the procedure of their Song Catalogue making and recording of the opening singles recording, seems to be ending. Gott sei Dank!

SECRETS OF MY LIFE (06.11.06) Lyrics and music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren VERSE 1: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were searching for / The meaning of my love/ Why she never came / Noone ever knew / A call in the night / There was something we had to do. BRIDGE: The world, as an empty shell / Ceiling coming down VERSE 2: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were waiting for / A Messiah with the light / From town to town / We came to every store / Whatever we did / They would ask for more BRIDGE2: The crowds still wave / In the search of love REFRAIN: What I have been looking for / Are the keys to every door / The masters you can see / In magazines, on TV VERSE 3: I was looking for / The secrets of my life / They were searching for / The meaning of my love / Why she never came / Noone ever knew / A call in the night / There was something I had to do. BRIDGE: The world, as an empty shell / Ceiling coming down REFRAIN: What I have been looking for / Are the keys to every door / The masters you can see / In magazines, on TV. -The End-



Entering the very short period of FIRST SERIOUS ANSWER – FIRST TAKE business auction model to be tested upon the majors in Austria, Gatsby and Lauren remind of the benefits the partnership or engagement shall bring to the label/distributor or Venture Capital investors.

Term ‘Cataloguerefers to the projected media and financial products/instruments to be created and executed by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren: Thereupon: ‘Gatsby & Lauren MegaHit Catalogue 2007-2012’ and ‘Gatsby & Lauren HitBond 207-2012’. “….. (more: A START-UP MUSIC LABEL SECURITISATION ABSTRACT – GATSBY & LAUREN….

Article…: Potential Revenue Resources Catalogue shall comprise the songs as stated hereinunder, initially targeted at the acts listed thereby, although Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren reserve rights to any modifications provided these attach expanded commercial effeciency thereto. The songs published shall be offered to the major force of the music industry following the best practice of the publishing and copyright rules. Therefore, the resource of projected revenues will probably feature a roster of the artists releasing the song on their albums, singles, electronic and physical releases widening the scope of exploitation relating to the rights income. The resources of the income with regard to the rights implemented in Catalogue shall be described in detail in the Prospect to Bond. The potential investors at the initial stage,however, should be aware that their investment recoupment and profit engaged shall be made possible from the following resources, relating to royalty, copyright and related rights assets commercal exploitiation (thus: Intellectual Property) such as: …………

….Article 2. Any agreement or contracts, not necessarily relating from the contracted Rights Exploitation, made by any of the Gatsby & Lauren’s unit (such as: Gatsby & Lauren Global Media & Finance Ltd., in forming) shall be complimented to the Bond-fund’s income. The contracts prenegotiated to an extent and realistically expected shall relate to: a) the advance, royalty or joint venturee agreement as to the producer b) label deals with a major or variety of independent distributors covering different territories; c) acts (artists); d) composers and publishing rights and revenues; e) miscellaneous products, services and business services such as stimulating the investment funds, proactive to the small and medium enterpreneurs, whereby the shares of the Bond-fund might account for the proportional share of the e-album or release. Such a system shall enable teenagers and actively working AOR public to assist the economical revival in their countries (Welfare cause), besides enjoying the high-end music and realted media/ business products and services delivered by and Gatsby & Lauren. This conception shall be primarily exposed to the new generations in 20-ies, 30-ies, as well as the middle, and older-middle aged generations all over the world who will utilise the Gatsby & Lauren products and services as their tool for assisting the world’s survival and development, simultaneously acquiring profit from the Bond-funds and the services to be offered by Gatsby & Lauren portal. Most of all, the public and Bond-Owners, respectively, shall be complimented with great entertainment with substance, class, integrity and sweetening irresistability. The social role of Gatsby & Lauren brand shall by no doubts cause ascension of any values associated thereto, such as Bond, and so forth. Article 2. Royalties earned by the rights of a song shall be derived from the value and copies made, be it e-releases or physical releases, brodacasts, sound and video recording, advertising revenue, feature film licensing, live perfomances. 1a)By the music and Intellectual Property standards, the owners of song copyright are the creators of the words and music, as well as the publisher or any Third Party honoured, such as Bond -Owners during the Bond’s maturity period with aim of securing the Bond’s cashflow and value sustainability. The owners of the recording copyright are usually the artist(s) or the record label, and this is the purpose Bond shall be used for – to enable the project retain as many rights for as large territories as possible. The performers of a recorded performance; the artist(s) or other musicians are the owners of these rights, yet Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren by using the session or bona fide musicians and vocals reserve the revenues from these rights to the fund. 2b) Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren shall register a music publishing company MI2 Music LLP; and the revenues accomplished by the publisher shall honour the Bond-fund as well the receivables from any ‘Gatsby & Lauren’ legal unit associated to the media or finance markets dealing with the Bond content….

2c) The main royalties are those belonging to the writers (paid to Publisher): Mechanical (paid from Distributor/Label to Publisher); Perfomance Recording (paid to Recording rights owner) ; Perfomance; Perfomer (paid to Performers); Artist (paid to Artists).

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren as the writers, creative force (producers, engineers, musicians, backvocals), publishers and label unit shall be entitled to most of the hereinabove royalties until the arists shall evolve into self-standing acts as of their second albums onwards. That point shall, however, produce the value difference and make up for the eventually ungainable artist or perfomer royalties or share of royalties…

2d) MI2 Music LLP, as well as Gatsby & Lauren Global Media and Finance (starting with Hit InduSTria (Ltd.,D.o.o., GmbH etc., whenver deemed the most suitable to the investors) revenues shall enhance and henceforth score the various agreements, contracts and royalty assignment with distributors, royalty collecting societies and additional sources in the shape of deals, advances, recoupments, joint venture deals, licensing grants/deals executed to the very best practise in the music industry…

2e) Copyright Info: As for longevity of rights, songwriter copyright runs for 70 years after the death of the writer (or first publication if later). Recording copyright runs for 50 years from the release (first publication). Collection royalty societies will pay 100% direct to writers without publishers (self-publishers) or 50% direct to writers who have a publisher (in this case the publisher will also pay part of their 50% to the writer).

2f) The other resources of the rights/recording revenues include: film and television recording sync rights; recording clearance and licensing for samples; licensing recordings for adverts.

….Article 3: Additional Collaterals Bond-Owners shall be collateralised by the following assets:

3a) Catalogue rights containing the objective globally exploitable commercial multilevel potential of the songs featured therein,as well as the business activities initiated and performed as to the Catalogue’s extensive feasibility;

3b) Marketing innovations targeting at the specific niche audiences;

3c) Initial low-cost value of the rights, projects and operative business framework structure are supposed to create the bonus premium to the Bond-Owners from the outstart of their involvement therein;

3d) Zero-Coupon Bond, Five- Year Maturity, coupon face value annuities provided instantly;

3e) Convertible Bond with Goodwill and other relevant supplemental values related to the content of Bond and esteems derived therefrom;

3f) Dynamically modifying Bond content, with the initial 65 (SixtyFive) songs, principally of hit and mega hit appeal, being added to Catalogue each year during Bond life, advances the commercial potential of the Catalogue’s revenues;

3g) Early termination option possible provided the Bond Issuer or the Content Providers want to repurchase the Bond ownerships before its maturity;

3h) Life, injury and business liability, as well as other applicable insurances by the Content Providers matching the risk capacity of the Bond’s Face Value issue;

3i) Extensive commercially exploitable rights of the books, screenplays, media projects and other values, to be displayed at web site (out by March 30, 2007);

3j) The Right for Legal m Damage Compensation of Ivan Gatsby totalling to HRK1Billion, as claimed in the process versus the Republic of Croatia);

3k) Know-how, results and visionary milestones by Ivan Gatsby and expertise by Isaac Lauren apply as the managing and creative force. The further revenues of profits shall be designated by the usage of Index and Active Funds shares relating to the names of Gatsby and Lauren’s in-house acts (eg. Ariel Active etc) with aim advancing pro-futuro payments…..


04.11.06 GATSBY $ LAUREN BRAND WILL PROBABLY START FROM AUSTRIA IN MID-DECEMBER: Negotiations expected to finalise the opening stage of association to a major label/distributor by December 14. The officials reported by the G&L representative in Wien to have ‘okayed’ Ivan Gatsby’s unofficial proposal relating to two-off singles and one-off last-minute album agreement…“Provided the basic business terms are met,the opening album by GATSBY & LAUREN shall be titled THE WEST OF…SO VERY FAR (alternative: THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’) based on the ground that 5-6 songs to be featured therein belong to the mainstream of County/Acoustic music genre, whilst the rest of songs announcing the music to be attached to the likes of ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR, THE TOUCHDOWNS and DAta!DAta! does belong to what we call – Western civilisation”, report Isaac Lauren, putting guitar solo finishing touches to SECRET OF MY LOVE gem. “The alternative idea is, however, that we make the album, for this occasion solely, for we cannot waste our time taken up by developing the acts, recording the albums, marketing and business-conducting all of it, from the seed stage upwards. Our opening album, a one-off outting of Gatsby & Lauren as performing act, shall be the pearl of the genuine singer-songwriter genre, featuring up to 12 mega songs“, adds Gatsby.”That album, created circumstantially a few minutes ago (laugh), is projected to grow into an all-time classic, as well as repeatable huge commercial succes by the audiences with refined and demanding brain and massive media taste. And those people are certainly not those who waste the last functional grey cells on watching Big Brother kind of shows.” “Both songs-tracks shall debut on by November 16,100, at extremely low price (EUR0,56). The responses from Austria are to be defined by December 12,2006, and the kick-off shall be e-single KISS ME AUTOMATIC…and PROUD TO BE CATHOLIQUE”, concludes Lauren, adding that two more groups of business angels have shown ‘sincere interest’. The ‘A Side’ of the album THE WEST OF…shall include five acoustic classics by Gatsby and Lauren, added to DON’T WORRY,MA, NOTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT and SECRETS OF MY LIFE. The songs shall probably be A TOWN WITH NO NAME, CONFESSIONS OF A TRAVELLER, ANYWHERE YOU SEEM and another mega country song created in the Gatsby&Lauren’s workshop. ‘We’ll announce the lineup of songs by February 15,2007, at the latest, now that we are late for the Christmass 2006″, says Gatsby.”There are attitudes that the album should comprise solely singer-songwriter, acoustic kinda hits, and this suggestion has been taken into account. If so, we would be forced to modify the structure of releases because GATSBY & LAUREN would appear as an act relating to the Cyber Acoustics genre.”


30.10.06 MEDIAMATIC* – A BRAND NEW CREATIVE AND BUSINESS PLATFORM DESIGNED AND EMPLOYED TO SERVE THE CAUSES OF GATSBY & LAUREN. The matrix of Gatsby & Lauren’s manner of creation, project profiling and business activities, such as, a.o., production, distribution and selling, does implement a numerous novelties, particurarly as to the licensing, leasing, joint venturing, contract repoing, hence the techniques of digitally inspired sales methods, pitched to both music industry and public…. The secret of their MediaMatic* platform (original working title: MEDI/A/to/MATIC) denotes the uncomparable easiness of Gatsby & Lauren’s almost renaissance-like talents in the regions of media development, content elaboration, product manufacturing, each of them apiece assigned with marketing uniquenesses and all-audience adjustments thereof. MediaMatic* has been rumored to include the creative process landmarks relating to the mission and objective of a media product, as a whole (thus: the act performing and the song performed), and targeted audience niches assuming the stretch of the projects. Creative process, as the basis of Gatsby & Lauren’s advanced research and development activity, and the principal net asset value of any entities developed therefrom, fabricates any action as of the seed stage – comprising melody, harmony, title, hook, catchy elements, social values etc. – to the rough song design, arrangement, demo, refinement, recording, producing, mastering and mixing, as far as the music is implied. Since HIT INDUSTRIA (in forming, to be GmbH,Ltd., D.o.o., whichever found to be the most suitable for adressing the investors’ goals, is being promoted as a, ‘media development, production,and export agency‘, accordingly containing necessary business operations thereto, pointing to the welfare accomplishments, backed by other ‘plus’ branded entities such as: A) ‘plusBank’, a net micro community bank, B) investment fund companies and the like, as their endeavour to widen up the ambit of sale/buy fashions comes a s a logical step.

The business models, either the ones already well-rehearsed and those innovative ones, relating to the biz auctions and informal security placements, licensing by sale or lease, one-off complimentary deals etc. enter the MediaMatic* operative mechanics, too. It serves Gatsby&Lauren’s primary state of affairs on providing the project with diversified risk impulse as to the mutual involvement from the very scratch to the pocket-time, so dear to the major distributors who then charge by cross-collaterising the overheads and their failed projects, respectively. MediaMatic*’s principal postulate shall be involved in each of Gatsby&Lauren’s projects, starting with music A-Z processing, feature-film development, new media and press backed by the original books created and produced by G&L laboratory. “We’ll start with a hillarious satire,’Dead-22 Principle, a 250 pages of packed fiction-novel resembling the classic ‘Catch-22′, yet located within realm of media and financial success of LA,New York and Route 66, a historic MotherRoad”, says Gatsby. “It shall turn into another sure-fire seller and critics’ nestegg.” MediaMatic*, ‘a Doomsday Machine for those overpaid and lacking any talent required, both on the creative side and the industry supporting it’, shall utilise the Gatsby&Lauren’s privately evolved software tentatively called ‘Hit Potential Meter’ which they use for private purposes solely after the recording has been done. “This is great for modifying the sound picture, refining it to what an educated, or mind-strong person from 14 to 74 years would find self-respecting and entertaining to experience and consume”, Gatsby defines the function of their ‘cryptical’ device. MediaMatic*, thus, reminds us of the fictious Dr. Strangelove’s Doomsday Machine which noone can control and noone knows if there were this Machine at all until it becomes too late to find out. “MediaMatic* is actually a system closer to understanding the human pitfalls and abbreviated taste than Isaac and I as humans are”, adds Gatsby.”We always want to give any potential public outta there the burden of the excellance relating to the number of melodies, harmonies, production gadgets etc., but MediaMatic*, after having processed the appeal of the song, defines the content to be beyond the capacity of a common-man’s expected value. This is why we keep each production rather simplified, with aim of stressing the importance of melodies multitude, despite most of the songs attain rich production typeface.”Yep! This is also why Gatsby & Lauren selected two-off singles to commence their journey into the wuthering-heights of global music scene. “Look, Don’t Worry,Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright is an anthem, a hymn, a follow-up to, say, American Pie and the like, yet we have been forced to choose Secrets of My Life as the lead track out of the two. Kiss Me Automatic… song comes to be as a kind of hommage to myself /laugh/ for I was, a pioneer of Techno Pop, so says my former and hopefully future associate, David Stone. Back in 1969, or it might have been 1970, it was the summer, the house in Bad Honnef, Brueckenstrasse, Germany, when we did our first ‘serious’ session. David and I called ourselves, our band or whatever it should have been, ‘Tynossaurus Satchmo Rex’ at the time/laugh/, and later we kinda named our band ‘De Tomaso’. David played the piano, he could do it well, at least in comparison to myself /laugh/ and I was like doing nothing there, just sort of controlling if everything would come out alright. Since we did not have instruments other than a piano and an acoustic guitar, I had to sing into Grundig tape recorder, originally ‘Ti si kompjuter. Ja sam mašina. Imat cemo velikog sina’, or alternatively, ‘I am Computer. You are a Machine. We’ll do our dream’ or something like that. The melody line was similar to Kiss Me Automatic. I said to David, ‘Look, I promise you that in 20 years I will be able to play and sing the songs, even produce them, without exhaustive know-how of the music. The future lies in the simple sing-along melodies, darkened by sensibility of each age to come’. Therefore, I came to be as a pioneer of… , for I was like 13-14 years old then, …what would evolve into high-class techno pop, performed by the acts such as Dr. Alban /laugh/. Nowadays inclusive, people, hundreds of millions of them, still watch that garbage of Eurosong, so Isaac and I had to create DAta!DAta! project, introducing the unambiguously compiling style TABLOID TECHNO POP. It’s like a dadaism at the dawn of the Earth’s collapse /not laughing/.” MedioMatic* even censored Ivan Gatsby in his attempts to stop climate disasters a-coming, as well as the nonEuropean and fundemantal islamic spread. “It erased the lines against Islamic terror, and verbs like ‘deportation’ from two songs. I expected the lawyers of our distributor or strategic partner to do it, but MedioMatic* did it by itself”. The device had been obviously connected to the news channels and processes the comments, attitudes and dangers as to the commercial leverage of any song. “It’s been LawyerMatic, not MedioMatic*, who dropped out the ‘Mutti, das ist die laetze mal dass ich dich rufe. Die islamiche terroristen fluegen uns zum…’ from the song ‘Don’t worry,Ma…’. The lawyers said that it might have harmed ‘the beauty of the song, attributing it a political statement’. Our to-be strategic partners said, ‘Skip it!’ and Isaac had to invent and improvise the sliding guitar into it, binding an everlasting continuance to the song. However, it is really hard to say what the song Don’t worry,Ma… tells and who is it against. We’ll correct it in the Second Liffe eddition to be performed by Ariel the Templar act. Sometimes I get sick of MedioMatic*. Isaac is a true life creator. He utilises the computers and music software as a means of production, whilst I consult our software and talk to the lawyers with wide-cut veneration.” Jeez!!! MediaMatic* browses and searches for the best opportunities and options as to the defaulted ccriteria, and this has given us the idea of MediaMatic* being a beta or any ‘-eta’ versions foregoing, say, MoneyMatic**, BankoMatic, DebtoMatic, CreditoMatic, CashoMatic… Gatsby just smiled, escaping any answer. For the time being….

One more pillar information referring to Ivan Gatsby: Gatsby with his cousin, David Stone namely, actually introduced mod-punk; pop-punk thru their song ‘The Laughing Hero’ demo recorded in a London studio in 1974. Gatsby says therabout,“It was actually a hommage to Palma’s ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, as well as to the dark side of the Glam rock which I adored. We had no instruments, no money for studio so we had to make up with the punk-minimum: a guitar,a bass,drums and a bit of laid-back keyboards. The vocals were terrifying, a falsetto at the outstart, and then punkish singing. Melody lines clear.”Yes,old sport, you can say, we were among the few chosen ones who invented punk’s parameters. Not because we wanted it, but because we didn’t have enough money, skills and vocal talent at the time /laugh/,“says Gatsby.


30.10.06 THE NEW ARCHITECTS OF MEDIA INDUSTRY EVOLUTION: Gatsby and Lauren are to guru new regulations protecting creative work, reducing free distribution and counterfeiting practice among the net surfers who are not true music audience (but timewasters to themselves and the society as a whole) and enabling easy-to-do and convenient schemes of displaying, distributing and selling the tracks, assuming the accessible broad-band connectivity to the worlwide audience at the price anyone can afford…

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren shall come out with two tracks, namely Secrets of My Life )/ Don’t Worry,Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright (expected out November 16,2006. debuting on The tracks are to be followed by Tabloid Techno Pop gems Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic and Proud To Be Catholique (provided the latter is not considered as a contesting entry for Eurosong 2007), expected to e-ssued by December 14,2006, provided the the terms with a major distributor are agreed).

Gatsby and Lauren, with negotiations underway, beleive firmly that Gatsby&Lauren brand, functioning at the opening stage on athe level of a DIY net-only label (HIT INDUSTRIA), will hit big time. The celebrities, say The Queen have allegedly needed 15 years to pile up 10 songs for an album, out of which probably only one or two songs might claim hit qualities. Isaac and I need also 15, but hours, not years, for such a venture“, Gatsby says, enjoying in their superiority over hundreds of authors and performers engrossing the charts. The circumstances have forced Gatsby and Lauren to rearrange and reschedule their initial publicised itinerary as to the editions, and albums, as well as and the performers thereof, for they are not in the mood to sacrifice a perfect commercial potential of their workscope on behalf of unidentified private interests.

First of all, the umbrella genre term Gatsby and Lauren shall procede is AFTER POP/ROCK NOIR style, assorting the number of genres and related subgenres to it.“The adjustments to the new circumstances have been undertaken almost on a daily basis“, Gatsby says smiling. “It is all basically very close, yet we have to refine it every time anew, with each of our in-house created and developed acts.“ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR, shall perform Cyber Acoustics (Country Sugar Pop)/Rock Noir, Protest Folk, Singer/Songwriter AOR, Country Americana, Art /C/Rap), Neo-Brit Pop at its very finest; Grand Epic/Saga Rock, complimented with ‘Riff’ songs remiscent of Deep Purple’s and the like; THE TOUCHDOWNS, or alternatively COHEN (current name) shall deliver Tabloid Melodic Punk (Punk’n’Pop/Protest Punk), a power-pop rendering of the rock’n’roll/punk/new wave standard values, obviously differing from AtT in the region of the songs and lyrical semantics structure complexity; TESLA GIRLS! shall engage into Global Sympho Pop / Dream Pop style, adhering with the esteeming Noir Dance and other poppish subgenres, referring to the dark, often cynical themes TG! shall expound. The hit songs such as ‘Alert on Planet Earth’, ‘The HiSTory of Love’, ‘Lennon Just Tonight’ etc. promises the explosion of the first-ever all girl virtual group explosion. People who have listened to the demoes of songs to be comprised on TG!’s debut album ‘An Evening on Earth’ cannot supress euphorical comments. DAta! DAta! shall deliver their unique Tabloid Techno Pop/Electro Robot Pop/Dream Pop style, humbly presenting themselves on the cover as being the miserable shadows of the Kraftwerk and the related acts, yet surpassing their genre by subtle and biting irony, as well as its melodical diversity. ADRIAN GOLD & HIS ELITE CAFÉ ORCHESTRA, with their opening easy listening instrumental album A VIEW TO AVALANCHE shall introduce Saturday Afternoon Manhattan Music; whereas ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA shall be honoured by engagement into imperial sort of rock music, softened by orchestral arrangements. Due to the investors’ reluctance, this afternoon Gatsby and Lauren have decided to self-finance the production of their opening album tentatively called at this stage ‘The World We Are A-Changin”, or alterantively ‘The West of…So Very Far’, to be penned, composed, performed, recorded, mastered, and mixed by Gatsby and Lauren.

The album might contain the profiled songs expected to be released thru the albums of in-house acts Ariel the Templar, The Touchdowns (Cohen) and DAta!DAta!; on their either SECOND LIFE EDITION, accompanying the opening albums as its bonus supplement or simply as the content of the first album, whichever more suitable. The songs on ‘SIDE A’ of The West of..’ will bring out the future AtT Cyber Acoustics. “We find this genre, a classic singer-songwriter outting to be the most appropriate to the AtT underplugged edition. The melody blossoms this way, captures you up, and we’ll stick to it showing that we don’t have to mask the shortage of the talent or content on the abums we compose and produce”, says Gatsby, “We’ll go ‘naked’ to the public, nothing will stand in between the public and ourselves to the full recognition of what Gatsby&Lauren brand shall be all about.”

The editions coming afterwards shall include the singles nudle by the opening four of G&L in house acts. “Single tracks are back“, claims Gatsby,”And this is what we do best. Hits and mega hits. Our song provide identity to the public, either, and they will love it all.” The first album planned out is expected to be Double+ For Price of One! album by Ariel the Templar, titled ‘Worlds Inside’, followed by 16 songs featured in their follow-up ‘From the Shadows They Came’.

“These albums shall be a number one kind of albums globally, featuring about 30 hit and mega hit songs, ranging from acoustic protest, country sugar pop/rock noir, neobrit pop, epic sagas, even a riffed heavy metal anthem (Money All Over). The music shall never be the same after AtT’s debut albums and it’s follow-up. They are our primary project, a mirror of our views, attitudes, political statements, morals, the closest to what the band Gatsby and Lauren is all about, albeit our one-off albums“, concludes Ivan Gatsby.


28.10.06 SECRETS OF MY LIFE – Lyrics, Original Draft and the Story BehindSECRETS OF MY LIFE, a to-be an instant gem, the champion the sweet-songs league, a mega hit in the ‘poppy’ environment consisting of the ex-gems such as, a.o., ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’, ‘Words’ etc..

SECRETS….is a massive hit, irresistible at the first ‘kick’, a magnetic radio teaser to the widest range of public (minus those who have decreased their taste and intelect alike, by adoring various ‘gansta’ bla-bla rappers and their ‘music’, and associated values, both social and artistic). Yet, Secrets of My Life’ is lyrics; -productionwise quite a noir song which is rather odd in the comaprison to the genre samples and it’s basic premises.

College people all round the world, the smart and wise pupils at the elmentary and grammar schools are not spoken to nowadays by the music industry. They have been forgotten, partly due to the demographic circumstances with more and more nonchristian nad nonwhite people populating the core countries of EU and the US genuine, devastating civilisation parameters.

SECRETS OF MY LIFE, a sweet and immaculate song, was created with the basic idea of a boy from province attempting to find his way of self-realization by migrating into ‘ wide wide world out there’. The first step thereto, as anywhere else, comes to be associating to a fraternity and later lounges or church inspired societies, either formal or informal, with the goal of fully attaining the goals. The original draft was much more linear than the final text, simply due to the melody line prerequisites, which mistified the plot and message of the song (similarly as by ‘Don’t Worry,Ma, Nothing is Gonna Be Alright’).

Herreinunder is the first draft of the song’s lyrics.

SECRETS OF MY LIFE Lyrics and music by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren VERSE 1: I was looking for oooooo / The secrets of my life They were searching for oooooo / The meaning of my love. Why she never came oooooo / Noone ever knew A call in the night oooooo / There was something we had to do. BRIDGE: The world, as an empty shell / Ceiling coming down REFRAIN: What I have been looking for Are the keys to every door The masters you can see In magazines, on TV VERSE 2: I was looking for oooooo / The secrets of my life They were waiting for oooooo / A Messiah with the light From town to town oooooo/ We came to every store Whatever we did oooooo/ They would ask for more BRIDGE: The crowds still wave In the search of love REFRAIN: What I have been looking for Are the keys to every door The masters you can see In magazines, on TV VERSE 3: I was looking for oooooo / The secrets of my life They were searching for / The meaning of my love. For memory sake, this is how one of the several rough drafts looked like: SECRETS OF MY LIFE 1st DRAFT VERSE1: I was looking for / The secrets of my life They were searching for / The meaning of my love. Why she never came / Noone ever knew Then we heard screams / There was something we had to do. They were waiting for / A Messiah with new light And we had to walk / Till we went out (the) sight From town to town. oooo/ From (the) office to (the) back door. Whatever we did / They’d (would) always ask for more. BRIDGE: The world as an empty shell Your face ( was) in the crowd People (sat) in the first rows Ceiling coming down REFRAIN: What I ‘ve always been looking for / Are the masters who open the door / (Their) familiar faces you can always see / Their faces you can always see In (every) magazines, and (on) (every) tv VERSE 2: They were looking for / A new man in their town I was searching for / The people in the wood We just prayed / When the lights were going down We were coming close ooooo/ To step(pping) into brotherhood. We were on the news / Every man could see The Earth was to die / Man was passing through They were praying for / (The) Miracle from Thee And we’d go to school / There was nothing we could do BRIDGE 2 : The crowds still wave Laughter was their mark for me or In the search of respect and love (The) Captain sinking in the sea Looking far above REFRAIN 2: Ooooo What we have been looking for Oooooooooo Is a guitar to play a song Oooooo Art there the masters who open the door Oooooo Who tell us right from wrong VERSE 3: I was looking for / The secrets of my life They were searching for / The meaning of my love


27.10.06 GATSBY & LAUREN ARE COMPLETING THEIR FIRST CHART ELLIGIBLE ‘SUPER DOUBLE-A SINGLE’: Hot auction expected! The poll of the website visitors and their HIT POTENTIAL METER, a privately developed software, shall select the songs to be comprised on GATSBY & LAUREN’s opening test album tentatively titled at this stage ‘THE WEST OF …. So Very Far’ The album’s title relates to the notions ‘Best of’ and ‘Western’. The album to be issued or e-ssued by January 27,2007, might also be titled ‘THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’….

Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren, despite their daily otherwise obligations and related liabilities arising therefrom, are completing the recording of the massive-hit potential tune SECRETS OF MY LIFE, to be e-ssued as a SUPER DOUBLE-A sided single featuring DON’T WORRY, MA, NOTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT (already mixed and ready for release) and SECRETS OF MY LIFE (expected out on November 16,2006). The act signed upon this e-single(tracks issue (e-ssue) shall be nominated as GATSBY & LAUREN, as well as on their opening album likewise. “No serious distribution is possible to the producers, start-up or seed labels, even DIY (do-it-yourself) business people unless you can provide two chart elligible singles and a (related thereto) commercially relevant album”, claims Gatsby.”Since we used to be the pioneers to many revolutionising affairs in media and investment techniques, Issac and I are hardly in position to defy the standards of the industry and the potential investors, respectively. Hence, we are forced to modify, once again, the editions lists, with the aim of advancing GATSBY & LAUREN array of projects.” Gatsby and Lauren shall finalise recording, mastering and mixing of the first chart elligible single by March 15,2006. The two songs, DON’T WORRY, MA,NOTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT and SECRETS OF MY LIFE, complying the mp3 industry bit/rate standards shall debut on MUSICDOCK. NET, as the selling tracks and previews. The songs shall be underpriced (cca 0,59 per track downloaded), as a starting bonus. The Tabloid Techno Pop songs, performed for this occasion by the nominal act GATSBY & LAUREN, titled KISS ME AUTOMATIC…IT’S SO CHIC and PROUD TO BE CATHOLIQUE should be out by December 14, 2006, provided the distributors we’ve contcated meet our terms. The earlier date is not anticipated becasuse Gatsby and Lauren need the attain clearance to the terms of their Eurosong 2007offer,which had been been sent to the variety of seven European broadcasters. “This one (e-single) shall be penned by GATSBY & LAUREN as performing act, too, in order to avoid confusion to the first-come public”, continues Gatsby.”The opening album, completely executed by us, shall follow as previously announced, in the most suitable shape as to the legal circumstances referring to the deals we will sign.” The anonymous poll containing 27 demo recordings by Gatsby & Lauren’s project acts’ releases, carried out to the ransom visitors as well as experts, has focused the songs to be featured on their first album tentatively titled ‘THE WEST OF…-So Very Far’, to be released by Apriol 10, 2007. .



Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren are practically flooded by the number of offers relevant to their start-up (seed;pre-seed) enterpreneurial stage, spanning from producer/label one-off and mid-term range to the joint venture and distribution deal proposals, are still negotiating the opening releases, targeting online and physical markets, if it be required. The partners from a major in Austria have displayed the most relevant interest up to this date. “We will not pursue any comments until Issac and I do not perform and record the opening chart elligible e-singles, ‘SUPER DOUBLE-A’ sided singles edition, namely ‘Don’t Worry,Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’ coupled by ‘Secrets of My Life’, and ‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic’ coupled by mega hit ‘Proud To Be Catholique’, later to be attached to the act DAta! DAta!.However, we have been facing certain arguments already.”

The first of them was ‘terrorised’ to the the cutout of the German text originally recorded as a segment of ‘Don’t Worry,Ma,…’ widely beleived to be a future classic.

“We were forced to fit a guitar, a slithering kind, into it, ’cause those people said,’Wow, you say ‘Die islamische Terroristen..’, and you know how dangerous it is now’. This is the bottom line of stupidity and the collapse of the West. Yet, we threw it out and arranged a superb guitar into the song, softening it to the sky. It sounds like ‘Albatross’ now”.

The promises, at this stage, relate to the SECOND LIFE EDITION, a supplements to the follow-up albums by the acts designed and created by GATSBY & LAUREN. “They said,’Put it all in there to make a difference between your original edition. If strong enough, release some kind od UnClassified edition.’ Well, the song is richer in texture now, definitely.”

The opening album editions, to be composed, written,arranged, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered as well as business planned by GATSBY & LAUREN, under cummulative umbrella term ‘Mega (ST)Art e-dition’ are still to be cleared out. “We have brilliant commercially exploitative ideas”, says Isaac Lauren” and little time therefor.” The commencing edition, hence, might be album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’ by GATSBY & LAUREN, as a one-off act for the purpose, featuring up to 12 hit songs to be migrated to ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR, DAta!DAta! and THE TOUCHDOWNS (alt. COHEN) at the later stage. “As soon as the opening single releases are out, we’ll organise the most efficient e-selling platform, covering any available system of distribution and micropayment accessible to the under-18s and sign the agreement with either a strategic partner or a distributor we feel happy with“, Gatsby concludes.



Due to the pressure from the potential strategic partners and to-be distributors (negotiations still underway, expected to be completed by December 7,2006., provided the distributor contacted meets rather humble demands of Gatsby and Lauren’s), Gatsby and Lauren are bound to be subject to a number of ‘censorships’ as to the songs relating to the Islam danger (Ariel the Templar’s ‘Don’t Worry,Ma,Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’/’Brothers in Blood’/ ‘Young Person’s Guide to Suicide’ and the like).

The lines referring to Islamic terrorist have been dropped.” The ‘strategic partners’ were convinced that this song might cause the disquiet to anyone involved, particurarly in commercial terms. The new recording was performed on Friday and Saturday, and the magic sliding guitar has softened some of the messages originally attached to the song.”

As Isaac Lauren said, “By adding a soft lead guitar, it’s like a slide guitar, the song sounds fantastic now, it is a global all-time hit, a pattern for music cathedras. The original version might be reissued on our ‘UnClassifierd’ album to be issued once in the future”.

The lines omitted are still displayed on this tracklist (it relates to text).





GATSBY: “You are right. Texts comprised in the Newstracks (at do offer a wide variety of editions, yet you should be aware that these texts were placed on the Newstracks purely for the historical track record.” “For your information, the editions shall have been issued as folows in the hereinunder list:

CATHEGORY OF RELEASES: ONLINE (internet, mobile) AND PHYSICAL (CD, improved optical data storage media,downloaded compilations etc.)

BENEFITS: Each of the releases shall feature bonuses for the customer, specified in accordance with the expected public profile. The bonuses shall be tangible in the more music for lesser price (2+ ALBUMS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!);

The initial recordings 50+% price cut (MEGA /ST/ART EDITION),expected the OTC and DPO securities specially designated for the advance orders, subscriptions etc.(eg. ARIEL ACTIVE FUND) and Low Circulation of Special Editions-Collector’s Item;

Plus the worlwide opportunities regarding reselling, early stage purchase of either wholesalenumber of e-,and physical copies or bundles of the data-sound carriers to be defined by the agreement and Gatsby & Lauren’s legal entities’ bylaws, a.s.o.”

The section hereinunder is subject to modification due to the cirumstancials. The possibility of the opening two e-singles and e-album to be songwritten, recorded,produced and performed by the one-off act GATSBY & LAUREN is still under negotiation. Therefore:

1. OPENING RELEASES PROJECTIONS: The opening album releases shall relate to the online edition tentatively titled at this stage “e-njoy! e-dition“.The online releases at the first stage shall comprise the sound and otherwise recording created, written, arranged, performed, engineered, produced and marketed . The opening single/tracks releases will be under “Super Double A- Sided Single” edition by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren, contributing the the enlivened single/tracks markets.

‘e-njoy!e-dition’ shall relate to the chart elligible e-singles and albums, whereas ‘Super Double-A sided singles, to be realeased both online and physically, shall comprise the bundle of the superior works by Gatsby and Lauren. The unique quality of this editions, asw eell as related opening editions,refers to the fact that all the instruments and vocals, supplemented by any ransomely selected additional vocal wehever so required, shall be performed by Gatsby & Lauren. The target of these editions is to attain the sound as close as possible to that of the projected acts’. The songs are written and arranged by Gatsby & Lauren, who do all the sound recording, mastering, mixing (producing).

2. RELEASES TO FOLLOW: The releases to follow shall contain the true envisioned act’s sound recording, with the bonus of the initial album (SECOND LIFE EDITION), originally having been performed by Gatsby & Lauren on their own terms, possibly to be produced in a different version from the original (eg. unplugged; underplugged; overplugged;oh!plugged; /C/rap etc.) by the out-of-house producers The releases by the strategic Gattsby & Lauren’s partner/distributor shall line up GATSBY & LAUREN GOLD and PLATINUM EDITION (Just a Perfect Album Edition).

3. SINGLES / TRACKS: The primary mission of Gatsby & Lauren’s is to promote the strenght and role of the genuine hit songs. This is possible by the rise of internet online market applying to the chart structuring. The 50s and 60s single craze might be back again for the albums, at least a majority of the pop-rock albums, includiong rap ones, serve as the fill-ups to a one or two songs with hitoid potential.

4. Hence, the opening releases by Gatsby & Lauren shall include, unles circumstancials do not force the authors to do otherwise, GATSBY & LAUREN as the opening act foretelling the forthcoming songs,acts, genres etc.:

a) SINGLES: ARTIST: Gatsby & Lauren introduce the sensational denovo band ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR SONGS: Don’t Worry,Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright / Secrets of My Life

ARTIST: Gatsby & Lauren present Tabloid Techno Pop stars DAta! DAta! SONGS: Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic / Proud To Be Catholique Any e-releases shall be purchasable as a special physical edition provided the distributors, both online and in the physical markets, decide to do so.


ARTIST: Gatsby & Lauren introduce the sensational denovo band ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR

ALBUM: From the Shadows They Came

SONG-CANDIDATES: 1. Heart of Gold (Seven Minutes) 2. Anywhere You Seem 3.Draw the Line 4. Every Rain in the World 5. Turn Back Time 6. Evidence of Mind 12.Where Was My Friend When I Needed Him Most 7. Walking down to Heaven 8. Closing Time 9. Why Do We Talk about Love 10.Pater Noster (Young Person’s Guide to Suicide) featuring DJ Marcel Le Catolique, Soldier of Allahu and Black Pearl 11. Living Only for Today 12 We’ll Meet Tonight. a.o. NOTE: UP TO 12 RECORDINGS SHALL BE COPMPRISED ON THE OPENING RELEASE. DEMOS SHALL BE POLLED AMONG THE CLASSIFIED AUDIENCE WHO SHALL SELECT THE SONGS THEY WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO ON THE OPENING ALBUM.

ARTIST: Gatsby & Lauren present Tabloid Techno Pop stars DAta! DAta!

ALBUM: One Forever After

SONG-CANDIDATES: 1. Kiss Me Automatic… It’s So Chic! 2. Life Goes On, 3. They Used to Be Robots (But We Are Robots No More) 4. Do You Ever 5. Life Goes On 6. Dance My Friend Dance 7. All Night Hallo 8. She Cried,Oh Yes! 10. How Electric We Can Get 11. Who Was That? 12. The Air That We Need 13. This Very Night 14. Unzipped Memories 15. Wishing by Numbers 16. Proud To Be Catholique 17. Hey Mister, Never Touch My Mind 18. One Forever (L)Aughter NOTE: UP TO 12 RECORDINGS SHALL BE COMPRISED ON THE OPENING RELEASE. DEMOS SHALL BE POLLED AMONG THE CLASSIFIED AUDIENCE WHO SHALL SELECT THE SONGS THEY WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN TO ON THE OPENING ALBUM.

6. TIMELINE: The demo-recording/notating of the songs to be comprised in GATSBY & LAUREN MEGA HIT CATALOGUE has been underway and shall precede any final distribution/joint venture agreement world-, or territorywide. The single releases are expected to be completed by November 12,2006. provided the terms have been agreed with the interested investors /lbael-distributors.

The information as to the accurate release itinerary shall be presented to the visitors of this page, as well as Gatsby & Lauren’s miniportal currently under construction to be fully operative by March 30, 2007.

GATSBY: “There might be, however, a circumstancial possibility that we, penned as GATSBY&LAUREN, open the roster with our intro album, to be called something like ‘THE WEST OF…SO VERY FAR’, on which some of the songs to be attached to the artists at a later stage, shall be comprised. This sounds like a very viablesolution. All that we shall do is actually subject to the will of strategic partners or alternatively distributor”.


13.10.06 MORE NOVELTIES FROM GATSBY & LAUREN’S LABORATORY…It has been firmly agreed that the initial range of artistic or any otherwise work relating to DAta!DAta! shall be executed in the apparently naive ‘dadaism’ manner, comprising the moderna and pop art identities thereto. The project ‘DAta! DAta!’ was started as a refined hommage to Dada artists such as Arp, besides reflecting the moderna and electro scene, dominated by the robots, computers, virtual environments and the society (de)evolution.

Hence, the bubblegummies such as KISS ME AUTOMATIC…IT’S SO CHIC, initially made for ‘dummbies’ are, in their core-essence, quite noir and not rarely bitter statements, criticising vague edge of human morality, permanently displayed by the EUrocrats and transition countries leaders who had manufactured billionaires on the basis of the general wealth misdistribution, which was and is the property of the millions of honourable people. ‘Kiss Me Automatic..It’s So Chic’, despite its magnetism,repeatable melody driven by its charms and irresistibility, associated with ‘infantile’ lyrics plot claiming young man being helplessly in love with a girl to whom he cannot even write mails, and assisted by the group of robots arising that night who (or which) put their best effort into modifying the beloved girl’s mind, is not a meaningless sugar lullaby. Oh,no! It is a soft, fine print warning of the world in making by the globalised politicians and immoral rich who have no respect to the history,who do not recognise God and who cheris the Turks and islamic second invasion onto the Christianised European soil. They will throw away the oleder generation of the humble and crafty people to import loads of young Arabs into the France, Germany, England.. This is a motive of the song ‘Proud To Be Catholique’, executed in the finest DooWop style


12.10.06 HOW GATSBY & LAUREN ACTUALLY CREATE, DEVELOP AND PRESENT THEIR MEDIA WORKS Whilst still negotiating the mutually rewarding multi-platform deal with two strategic partners, Gatsby & Lauren have revealed their secret of generating the potential extra-hit to the audiences – ‘worldwhite’ and worlwide…

“It’s the egg and chicken story”, claims Gatsby,”The English youth of nowadays are so strongly convinced that their Brit and otherwise pop groups are superb, idolising Arctic Monkeys, Blur etc.etc. but I cannot quote more a few good songs in the genre since 1990. It’s the hype people have been subject to, not the quality or innovative solutions featured in the content of the product’. Hence, Gatsby & Lauren have started walking by their peculiar path.

1. First of all, they will compose, write, arrange, (co)perform, record, master and mix the opening albums of the in vitro acts such as Ariel the Templar, DAta!DAta!, the Touchdowns, Yes,Sir, Electric Park Orchestra a.o. The massive goal of the ‘MEGA (ST)Art Edition’, as well as ‘SUPER DOUBLE-A sided singles preceding them, is to show that intellectual craft and software bridge all the gaps between the idea and its realisation. Therefore, Gatsby & Lauren are planning to bring the optimal sound out solely by their own efforts, complimented by tha ransome session musician or singer whenever so required. The humanised utilisation of the devices and programs will demonstrate the mode of music talent display and creation, respectively. Gatsby & Lauren plan to deliver the very finest of Brit and Euro Pop genre (Saga,-Epic Rock inclusive),as well as American Country and Acoustic mainstream, by introduction of the innovative creative logarhytms corresponding to the umbrella term of their music outtings – AFTER POP & ROCK NOIR MUSIC.

2. Gatsby & Lauren definitely despise the loads of the crap comprised on the hit albums, and creative laziness, backed by the incompetence of the pop-rock authors in the music industry. “Each of our albums shall be structured as if it were a ‘MEGA BEST HITS OF…”, containing some high-end gems added thereto such as ‘Storyteller against the Rain’, a Cohenesque bit, relating primarily onto the emotional intelligence and stipulating grey masses in every man, just like any other of our songs”. A) A very ambitious goal, isn’t it? Overcome Brits in the Brit Pop, Yankees in the genre of Country and Acoustic music style, as well as achieving standing ovations for the Epic Rock…

3. The opening albums shall be released by the completed outfits of the each Gatsby & Lauren’s acts apiece as a supplement to he second albums by each act. The re-releases of the songs originaly having been performed and recorded by Gatsby & Lauren under the title of the acts to follow, shall be compiled into SECOND LIFE EDITION,the one accompanying the regular second-album releases. “We have reckoned a possibility that outdoors producers do the job, as well as the mastering/mixing services, if a new qulity or attitude of those songs will be attained in this manner”,reasons Lauren, obviously not fully entertained by the very idea obviously manufactured by his partner Ivan Gatsby. “Gatsby says that the songs are so outstanding that they deserve two runs.” In other words, Gatsby & Lauren shall be releasing sort of pre-covers of the albums to be performed and issued by the acts from their roster.

4). Online editions, targeted at internet audiences and electronic selling solely, shall be titled (working title at this stage only) ‘e-njoy!e-dition’, and like any other edition, both on physical and electronic markets,shall have specific bonuses. “It’s the melody, harmony, magic of the recording, not exactly the technique of recording which masks the shortage of the content therein, we want to display at this stage’, concludes Ivan Gatsby, notifying thereby how the audiences ‘worldwhite’ and ‘worlwide’ shall be honoured with the new releases and Best-Buy solutions generated from the Gatsby & Lauren music and business laboratory.



The few privileged persons who have experienced the first draft of Gatsby & Lauren’s MegaHit Catalogue ( currently in development) claim for it to be as a ‘true proof of Divinity’ in regard to the songs to be derived therefrom.

Their basic genre is upgraded melodic pop-rock, abundant with irresistible harmonies and melodies, synthesised into a unique song structure applying to variety of common genres and subgenres, and this is what makes them a commercial gem of the time to come’, says T.S., one of the assistants who has gone through the complete songcreating procedure.’Their clear vison, backed by the mystical glamour, is simply hard to resist to.”

Are there any codes, encrypted algorhytms invoved in their works?

“None. They are well educated, humble and kind people with the sense of responsibilty, who are aware of their mission, unearthly talent and goals.”

The breaking news is a display of interest of a major-affiliate in Germany, yet they did not accept one-off proposals of Gatsby and Lauren’s. ” The price and advance they’d be willing to pay comes to be peanuts to what (Catalogue, Projects, Business Construction etc.) is really worth”, says Isaac Lauren coldly.’We are not impressed by the name, celebs, the false facade of the industry. The music entity supposed to manage, issue and publish songs is a-piece-of-cake type of problem. Our content and package are where the source of profit lies”.

Their mattrix, starting with the (mega)hit potentials, namely ‘Don’t Worry, Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’, performed nominally by Ariel the Templar (AtT) and ‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic’, performed nominally by DAta!DAta!, a dadaistically minded Tabloid Techno Pop act, shall be available to the public on this website ( only up to Crhistamss, provided we reach an agreement with a distributor.


28.09.06 UNIQUE MILESTONES FROM GATSBY & LAUREN: – G&L develop and business-engineer each of the projects involved, and compose, write, arrange, record (perform, coach etc.), produce each of the songs displayed herein. – G&L make a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) session for each single and album to be issued, either on physical and online markets…

Ivan GATSBY and Isaac LAUREN (further: G&L), all-round innovators and creative talents, do an exception to the rule in the music industry, particurarly to the practice relating to the relevant commercial pop-rock releases worldwide. G&L, employing the apparatus and prestigious software of the state-of-art WhiteLight Studio (located in the elite city block in Central Europe, for private use only), recorded demo song candidates for each album and media work projected. The standard underlines a framework consisting of 16-18 songs (tunes, melodies, harmonies, arranged designs, lyrics etc.) with hit; -megahit potential according to know-how of the authors and their unofficial software (privately developed and for their private use solely) tentatively named ‘Hit Potential Meter (HPM)‘. The logarhitms implemented thereinto notify a very precise idea of the song’s appeal,be it niche or massively targetted audiences, selected by the territories and countries. G&L, currently working on their Gatsby & Lauren MegaHit Catalogue 2007-2012,as well as other creative and businesswise projects, choose the songs most suitable to each project apiece.

The virtual Tabloid Techno Pop act, DAta!DAta! with their opening album ONE FOREVER AFTER to feature hit gems such as ‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic’, ‘Proud To Be Catholique’, ‘Hey Mister, Never Touch My Mind’, ‘ABC of Singing – So Far Away’, ‘Life Goes On’, ‘We Used To Be Robots (But They Are Robots No More)’, ‘All Night Hallo’, ‘Das Is Mein, Das Kapital’, ‘How Electric We Can Get’ a.o., is suppopsed to break the ground for the releases to follow, unless Gatsby and Lauren as a one-off act, don’t start with their auteur album THE WORLD WE ARE A-CHANGIN’.

UNIQUE MILESTONE 1: This project serves G&L for establishing the most effective manner of creating and delivering the recording, as to the premium content and innovative bonuses included in the distribution and purchase model. Their second intro-single, after the debut e-ssue of Super Double-A Sided Single ‘Don’t Worry,Ma,Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’/’Secret of My Life’, (provided it happens at all, due to the fact that ‘Proud To Be Catholique’ demo has been sent to nine broadcasting houses participating in Eurosong 2007), shall literally overwhelm EUropean single market during pre-/postEaster/ Eurosong 2007 period (March 24, 2006-May 30,2007), provided they strike a deal with the distributor of their own choice and assuming the sales shall be executed thru the chart elligible services/platforms from the G&L’s mini-portal (currently under construction). Very little of the hereinabove statements are really unique, but the premiere opportunity to the audiences shall be defined by the initial releases of each album by G&L projects (Ariel the Templar, DAta!DAta!, The Touchdowns etc.). ‘Mega (ST)Art Editions’ or ‘Just a Perfect Album’ edition shall be arranged and performed by G&L hemselves, accompanied by the session musicians and performers wherever required!!!!! The sound of Mega (ST)Art Edition releases shall be as close to the sounds of the later releases by the acts attached thereto (e.g.-Ariel the Templar: From the Shadows They Came; DAta!DAta!:One Forever After etc.).This practice shall be extended to the projects: DAta!DAta: One Forever AfterAriel the Templar: From the Shadows They CameThe Touchdowns (or Cohen): Communication Lost,a.o. Hence, the recordings of ‘Don’t Worry,Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’ to be coupled by ‘Secret of My Life’ (Underplugged version) and ‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic’ to be coupled by ‘Proud To Be Catholique’ (unless a brodcasting house jury accepts the offer for national contest) or alternatively ‘Hey Mister, Never Touch My Mind’ have beeen fully arranged, performed, recorded, mastered and produced by G&L, featuring a friend or two for the tasks which G&L could not bridge or overcome (such as female vocals, harmonica recording, etc.).The recording one downloads, besides being honoured with an immensely rich quality, might serve as a profitable investment in the future due to the synergetic interweaving between media and (welfare) financing activities, out by December 1, 2006. The buyers and fands, just like the investors likewise, shall be thereby enabled bonuses previously unheard of. Using the very best of the professional equipment and software available on the market, G&L try to enhance the regular daily obstacles faced by the recording industry. ‘We have a protype of the software processing human voices into singing-vocals, thus engaging an vocal frequencies and modulations into the pattern of recording, yet it is too awsome for us to use at this stage’, Isaac Lauren admitted to the local media magazine.” Every song is deemed good until recorded. Too much of perfection ruins the very idea of (a) perfection. Initially we recorded and overproduced lavish sound passages, the genuine walls of sound layers, which sounded extraordinarily. Then Ivan (Gatsby) asked me where the melody was. He couldn’t hear the tune. we have more than 80 classy harmonies and melodies on each album, so we are not forced to mask the void of the quality (of songs, melody- and harmonywise) like most producers are now.They have to hide the fact that a chart topping group cannot assemble 5 to 6 proper songs within two years work. This is why they use videos, all gadgets. To make people watch, not listen to music.To make apes of them.To reduce their minds. To kill fantasy, abstract reason…”

UNIQUE MILESTONE 2: Marketing headlines: WORLDWHITE? Or WORLDWIDE? Which one is correct? This is why we come to the second unique point of G&L’s: They don’t want videoclips, at least not in this phase, and they shall start a contest to the talented videomakers all round the globe to visualise the opening songs (‘Don’t Worry,Ma,Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’, ‘Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic’, ‘Proud To Be Catholique’) and participate in the net profits acquired by the tracks-selling. WORLDWHITE? Why is Ariel the Templar putting out the track,soon e-single and the album subsequently ‘Worlwhite’ and not’Worlwide’? G&L not fully aware of English language subtleties,perhaps? ‘We are, old sport’, Gatsby said to the Globus magazine journalist.’We very much are, as well as of many other matters you are not. Some of those affairs endanger our civilisation, the advanced specimen of mankind, and we have to do all we can to protect the dissolving’.

UNIQUE MILESTONE 3: G&L advocate virtues of the Christian civilisation (Catholicocrats movement), which they regard as the only utilising civilisation so far. Despite having been rumoured to be associated to a certain Masonic lounge, they remain devoted to the KnightTemplar’s endevours, which they try to channelise into the contemporary circumstances. ‘Brothers in Blood, The Believers, Heart of Gold (Seven Minutes) and many other Gatsby and Lauren’s, as well as AtT’s songs are to turn into the stadium anthems, just like We are the Champions is now’, Lauren claims while piling up the choir in the studio. “If you still remember, God started it all with a Word. We humbly re-start it all with songs applicable to the ultimate sheltering of any endagered species, including the Caucasians. Noone has been innocent, particurarly not the various politocrats, EUrocrats and the like, who have done all they could to diminish Catholicism, migrate Muslims into,eg, Germany,thus burrying the premises of civilisation which has made us, and our world of nowadays alike. Therefore, we are hoping that our songs and the project as a whole will supply a hope to the people whose level od awareness has been seriously undermined.” Although visionary and ultramodern, G&L pursue the item of dream machine….With God on their side. And the millions of their Brothers in Blood, of course…

UNIQUE MILESTONE 4: ‘What you don’t or can’t hear matters as much as what you hear!!!‘ states one of the slogans entitling Gatsby&Lauren’s music achievements. Noone is certain about what G&L are trying to say or hide (alternatively). It is very unlikely to dispute the existence of something you can’t hear,see or feel. As to G&L paradigm, it s more unlikely to question it’s existence. “Law says,You can’t disprove of something you can’t prove”, says Ivan Gatsby.’Turn it around and try proving your stetement versus something you can’t disprove. It’s a sorta Catch-22 trap. You know there is nothing you can’t hear or listen to apart from what you can hear or listen to. But how do you know there is nothing you can’t or don’t hear or listen to if you can’t hear or listen to? How can you prove there is nothing you don’t or can’t hear or listen to if you can’t hear it or listen to it?” This cynical syntax highlights the besteselling book in-writing, ‘Dead-22 Principle’, expected out in the market early in 2008. The author is Ivan Gatsby, who is trying to sum up paradoxes of the modern society, enforcing them into a time- fractalised hit story, whose plot is about making a star and a fortune out of the man officially certified and declared as ‘very intensively dead’. ” What is it under the soundline that we can’t hear, we asked G&L once more? “Whatever you wish”, Gatsby answered laconically.”It’s like a horoscope or horrorscope. Imagine you are any sign you like and behave like the stars say you should. Imagine any sound or message you’d like to hear and this is where it is at but you regrettably can’t hear. The sound is there, we promise you, but you’ll have to find the way to it.” Any secret or censured messages thereby? “Can’t tell you, I can’t hear it too”, closed Gatsby the conversation, with a sublimed smile on his fatigued and pale face.



Ivan Gatsby (49) and Isaac Lauren (29) have commenced the journey into a new dimension of music creation, spreading genrewise from art music, featuring decorative and content directions ranging from NeoBrit-Euro Pop, Country Pop Noir, Grand Epic Rock to TABLOID TECHNO POP (Electro Robot Pop), TABLOID MELODIC PUNK ( Punk’n’Pop’n’Roll) and the like, each of them abundant of the harmonical and melodic textures, interwined by the innovative song structures as well as the overall semantic levels referring to lyrical values relating to the perfoming-outfits market placement (niche positioning). GATSBY & LAUREN are in vitro act and hit makers in regard to their self assembled bands. They have breathed life, sense,meaning, quality, content, goal, mission and operative functions into their acts from the very outstart, so there shall be a vague possibility of the acts escaping their predestined visionary path. Nothing occurs by chance at the Gatsby & Lauren’s creative and businesswise imagery,though. First of all,they are honest and outwardly.The luxury they can afford due to their huge and overreaching renaissance-like talent. Gatsby and Lauren can do a vast of activities. They could do everything by their own, actually, if they were provided as much as the ‘peanuts budget’ (next to none or low budget, at a very rewarding stage). As for the manner of recording and producing procedures, Gatsby admitted,“ I love overproducing. Processing and altering each sound you can and can’t hear, digging deep down the soundgram.I simply love the walls of sound,levels of sound, the effects buzzing around all the time. It kills the essentials of songwriting, however. This is why we kept to digital basics while demoing, recording,engineering, producing and mastering the debut albums. The very melodies and harmonies are masterpieces. It would’ve been a shame had we vulgarised them by attaching the waves of sounds.“ ….

LAUREN: “The songs comprised on our debut album(s) might be easily cathegorised as the uppermost patterns referring to the melodies, harmonies, vocal and instrumental perfomances suppported by the largely insufficient lyrics (always differ lyrics to the song from the initial poetry of that song for the simple fact that lines written for singers require a number of syllables rather than text-rich descriptions applicable to the poems)…Interpretation, manner of sound recording, production, mastering and the basic idea, widely termed as the purpose, message, mission and operative fuction of the song,as well as the act performing it. Please, do differ the lyrics to most songs from their initial state which are usually termed as the rich-text poetry, for the simple fact that lines adjusted to the singing practice require more adequate syllables than it had been delivered by the initial text, overloaded with descriptions applicable to the poems only. Thereto, the major portion of our songs have been written and composed as a composite, with aim of achieving the fullest range of high quality and unique product. Which is what the music and words drop to at the end of their creative and listening circle“….

Isaac LAUREN and Ivan GATSBY found it difficult at first for they had been engaged in other activities and projects, hence they permanently lacked the time for composing and writing mutually which is a more effective manner than any other. The universal recognition of the words and their meaning, both on their own and within the framework of the applied context, is another issue. The usage of the songs originally attached to ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR and TESLA GIRLS!, therefore, should be described as a more of stimulating point for a variety of mind experiences and interpretations assumed by the consumer than the final meaning of any song featured in the album whatsoever. The songs shall start attaining their own variety of meanings only after the listeners have captured them for any kind of mind-processing, regardless of being it on a purely emotional or any wiser level caused by their own experience or the insuficiency thereof. GATSBY and LAUREN stress that their tunes serve as a defined guidelines, openly accessible to the consumers of any age, with the ultimate purpose to achieving of whatever may be called the final frontiers. The songs, as well as the poems, generally function on their own with no coorelations to any other sphere, be it real world or any other artistic world having been derived from what they call the real, organic world. The listener either accepts the song, its idea, harmonies,melodies, rhytm, meanings, the way it has been performed, or else he/she simply fails to. This is the basic truth behind every song. …

LAUREN: “ The very creation of (the) ‘The World We Are A-Changin’, as wella s ‘From the Shadows They Came’ albums used to be a nightmare. The basic ideas, the essentials had been drawn out, y’ know, the modern Templars, welfare and the stuff, yet we didn’t want it (the album) to sound too narrowly sighted. This is why we, carried away by the flow of circumstances, created a sort of loosely conceptual story dealing with what’s going on in the contemporary world, the plea for action against the dangers overshadowing the civilised world and mankind, sinergic with the story of a boy from a province little town in the wastelands of the suburbia who would like to change something. This is how the album should be plotted. The analysis of the recent, current and futuristic events, an outcry for waking up and piling up the strenght for the struggle against the affairs endangering the civilised man – mostly caucusian race, minus ‘White Trash’ – symmetrised with the helplesness and desperate longing to do something of a little common man whom very few see and most pretend to. Let’s test the hereinabove words with the help of real life songs. What would ‘Don’t Worry, Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright’ be without participation of each particular listener, who cummulatively create the public? We actually don’t relate to the products trying to implement them onto the individuals as the mass-produced confection the listeners are expected to adjust to. We let each person access the information as well as penetrate into their interpretation of lyrics, and and have him or her release his or her own experience, interpretation, suggestion… No song is is complete without the audience’s interaction, either on a collective or individual level. Their reaction may be approval, hate, suggestion. Once in the future time, we might publish or just make freely available the original drafts of poems, lyrics and texts suited to the songs. The poems die fast but last forever.We were forced to modify the words for each song, closing to the cliche areas with each modification or disguise.“

GATSBY: “ DON’T WORRY, MA, NOTHIN’ IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT is a hommage, a tribute to the legendary folk troubadours who have been seeking for more just societies and better worlds to live on. It is a protest against the islamic primitivism resulting in the violence as effect, as well as the warning that the Earth is about to vanish if we proceed with the contemporary level of pollution. The man has endangered his own Earth which has been hosting the mankind in the past few thousand years with a generosity. This is what the song is all about, the hypocrism of the certain politicians, the ones from from the EU inclusive. The song does cover the feelings the uniformed younger and older people share whenever facing such events – apathy, escapism, lack of interest, heleplesness“…

SONGS FEATURED ON Eeither ‘THE WORLD WE A-CHANGIN’“ and ‘FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME’ ALBUMS, BOTH CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT / PRODUCTION: Act: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR Album: FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME Genre: Neo Brit-Euro Pop; Epic Rock-Saga Rock; Country&Acousticana; Noir Country Sugar Pop; Art (C)Rap Song Candidates (produced, or being recorded or demoed): 1. Heart of Gold (Seven Minutes) 2. Anywhere You Seem 3. Draw the Line 4. Every Rain in the World 5. Message to the People 6. (Turn Back Time) 7. Secrets of My Life 8. Walk on by (And Never Stop) 9. Don’t Worry, Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright, 10. So Far Away 11.Evidence of Mind 12.Where Was My Friend When I Needed Him Most 13. Brothers in Blood 14. Walking down to Heaven 15. Closing Time 16. Why Do We Talk about Love 17. The Storm a-Comin’ 18.Pater Noster (Young Person’s Guide to Suicide) featuring DJ Marcel Le Catolique, Soldier of Allahu and Black Pearl 19. Living Only for Today 20. Twist in the London Town ALBUM SONGS’ SCHEME OUTLINE: – Action plea: Brothers in Blood; Heart of Gold; Don’t Worry Ma Nothing is Gonna be Alright; Message to the People… – Evidence statements: Why Do We Talk about Love; Confessions of a Traveller; Pater Noster(…), Twist in the London Town … – Initialising songs: Secrets of My Love; Walk On By (And Never Stop).. – Contemplative songs: Anyway You Seem; The Storm a-Comin’; Closing Time; A Town with No Name; Walking down to Heaven; Living Only for Today; Every Rain in the World; Where Was My Friend When I Needed Him Most….

DESCRIPTIONS OF SOME SONGS TO BE COMPRISED ON THE DEBUT ALBUM BY EITHER ‘GATSBY & LAUREN ‘ AS A ONE-OFF ACT, OR ‘ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR, PREVIOUSLY CELEBRATED FOR THE CHARITY SONG BROTHERS IN BLOOD’ UNDER NAME ‘SIMON K.T.’ (SEPTEMBER 2001) ….. BROTHERS IN BLOOD. The solution is always possible, it takes a few men beyond the public treshold of the misguided and controlled thought, to break it through to the reality and cut the everday insanity as manufactured by the politicians and shallow-minded interest groups. The KnightTemplars, aka The Poor Knights of Jesus Christ, used to be an order which complimented the civilised world of nowadays with the buildings, transport and banking. Their mystic secrets shall remain hard to clear out, yet the Templars’ spirit of dignity, honesty, vision and courage, besides literacy and data abundance, is what each man, younger or older, must adopt in order to synchronise into a permanent process of changing the world. The Templars used to be ‘Brethren in Christ, Brethren in Blood’ so revoking the memory of them comes out as a logical step. Some people keep claiming, «You are talkin’ about past, wake up, we live in the world of omputers connected by the internet». If a monkey sits in front of a computer, however, what’s the difference from that monkey from a monkey jumping on the trees? There is a big one, actually. The monkey in the suit sitting in front of the computer and using it,respectively, may destroy the civilisation.That’s the bottom line. The monkey in front of the computers can do more damage than the monkey on the trees. It is the people who have to be educated, informed and enlightened, and it has hardly anything to do with technological development. Technology improves the enlightened man in whatever he/she is doing. Regrettably, it does so for other species of humans, too…

SECRETS OF MY LIFE. This is where the action or reaction to dark side of the Earth commences. Sport, you can start the your or someone else’s worlds anew in younger years, after having been initialised in a rite by the wood (fraternity). You decide to do something out of your life for the benefit of the community, adhering to the general problems and issues, by not wasting your inner values not opposing the creative values of your society. The song is about a young boy’s initilisation into a fraternity during which he had to confess all he did and didn’t do. At first, it looks like an adolescent delight, wrapped up in the mystics, ‘Rose and Cross Order’and whatever else. As soon as you see what the eurocrats, the political parasites from the European union administrative and ruling instances have done, you realise it is no longer a game but the threat to Catcholicism, unifying the values of good and evil,. It is a masonic politics, and the Masons are nothing else but the successors, regrettably not so welcome or effective, to the Templars…

MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE. Once you enter the lounges, you feel mighty, protected, supported, invincible. ..Until you find out what you did and how you messed up the history, victimised millions of peopleplacing them under the terror of regimes, devoiding them of national futures…You do it all for the higher cause, of course. That’s why this song is hymnical, as if it were an anthem…

LIVING ONLY FOR TODAY. Getteing back to everyone’s private room, dreams, brain manufacturing features. Each of us dreams. and wants to do something to be noted for. This is why we read books, listen to the trendy music, go to the cinema, watch tv. We lullaby ourselves into a notion of our grandieur. One of the next days, however, we come to understand that we live only for today and that our plans, ambitions, dreams have only symbolic or alternatively no value to any other man. This is a song about who we are when we are not who we want to be. A famous writer, Kurt Vonnegut, wrote:’We are what we pretend to be.’ While not pretending, you are what you do, what you wanted to do but couldn’t what you think you ought to do. In other words, you are living only for today, and not much beyond that degree of existance. The song is a fractal story of everyman’s life, encompassing years of his or her being locked up in the futuresque projections. The dust we are, and the dust is all we will be, unless a theory of the spiritual life works out. Particuraly the one of reinacarnation. We should worry about it,though…

HEART OF GOLD (SEVEN MINUTES). Welcome to the Revolutiom! An all-rising anthem, a sing-along although highly sophisticated melodywise, which will wake up any white men, living or dead. The few people who listened to the demo called it ‘Sophisticated White Power Christian Anthem’…

WALK ON BY (AND NEVER STOP). A new White Man should take a glance back to the future, 150-200 years ago, and ride to the West, to the enormously wide pastures and undriendly darkness, to learn the essentials of the comradeship, loyalty, sacrifice and common goal pursues. Once you hit the road, you may never stop or even want to stop…

THE STORM A-COMIN’. The very finest of America’s rock’n’roll and country heritage, blended with immaculate Gatsby&Lauren harmonies. This song carries you forward, this song guides to whatever you have always wanted to be in your dark region of subconsciousness.The words just slipped out, it’s a song like that. It’s so epochal…

A TOWN WITH NO NAME. America’s mid country saga continues in the very sophisticated generic manner. Listening to this song, singing by the lyrics, you wish you had been born into the Americas of the past whhen honesty and dignity stil menat something valuable…

EVERY RAIN IN THE WORLD. Radio AOR. It gets you into the true American AOR, savannahas, prerias, the faded dreams of the WALKING DOWN TO HEAVEN. Walking all the way…

ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR shall return in FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME in 2008, both on Platinum Edition and e-njoy! e-dition, as well as on the customised albums too wherever available. In stereo, 3D sound, Dolby© and other fomats enabling adequate sound and imagery consuming. Their album WORLD INSIDE shall feature original songs, complimented (bonus!) by the band’s version of (nominaly) their debut album ‘From the Shadows They Came’. It will probably ne an unpluged or otherwise plugged version of each of their debut classics, originally performed by GATSBY & LAUREN, backed by a few friends and studio musicians.



THE e-ALBUM OF GATSBY & LAUREN BRAND (out by September 2007):

Act: DAta!DAta! Album: ONE FOREVER AFTER Genre: Tabloid Techno Pop; Dream Pop; Robot Electro Pop Song Candidates (currently being demoed or recorded): 1. Kiss Me Automatic… It’s So Chic! 2. Life Goes On, 3. They Used to Be Robots (But We Are Robots No More) 4. Do You Ever 5. Life Goes On 6. Dance My Friend Dance 7. All Night Hallo 8. She Cried,Oh Yes! 10. How Electric We Can Get 11. Who Was That? 12. The Air That We Need 13. This Very Night 14. Unzipped Memories 15. Wishing by Numbers 16. Proud To Be Catholique 17. Hey Mister, Never Touch My Mind 18. One Forever (L)Aughter.

THE ALBUM CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE, FOLLOWING SUCCES OF THE VERY FIRST ALL-GIRL VIRTUAL GROUP ‘TESLA GIRLS!: Act: TESLA GIRLS! Album: AN EVENING ON EARTH (out by November 2007) Genre: Global Sympho Pop; Dream Pop Song Candidates (written; currently in development or being demoed) 1. Lennon Just Tonight 2.Alert on Planet Earth 3. Love and Fears 4. Sound of Revolution 5. (On the )Streets of London 6. Dust in Your Eyes 7. Hold the Time 8. Darkness Must Go 9 C’eST
la Vie 10. Only a Call Away (featuring choir ‘Gregorian Distances’ ) 11.The Horroscope Heroes 12.Reason to Live 13. U Calling Me Around 14. Tune to the Moon, and I Am Gonna Visit You 15. Goodbye…Still Seems to Be the Hardest Word 16.Summertime Cola (Halo Hello Ola) 17. After the Kisss…They Call It Love

– A REFRESHINGTABLOID MALODIC PUNK POP OUTTING BY A LONDON BASED BAND (out by June 2007) Act: THE TOUCHDOWNS (alt. COHEN) Album: COMMUNICATION LOST Genre: Tabloid Melodic Punk ( Power Pop: Punk’n’Pop’ Roll; Protest Punk) Song Candidates (written; currently in demo-development): 1.They Always Come Back 2. Can We Live Together 3. Nobody is Calling Your Name 5. All The Day He Was a Zero 6. Dreaming Life Away 7.The Things U Didn’t Do 8. Hard Life Goin’ On 9. Do You Feel Like Feeling Better 10.Good Morning, Oh Boy! 11. The Last Romantic on the Town 12. I Love Surfin’ Sex 13. Gimme Your Hand and Save Me Now 14. Dreams Are Broken…The World Is Open 15. Heroes on the Block 16. Claire (Have I Told You That I Love You Too) 17. Have You Seen Anything, Anything At All 18. It’s So Easy (To Fall in Love) 19. Vacant Law 20. Hallo. How Are You?

INSTRUMENTAL, EASY LISTENING SATURDAY AFTERNOON MUSIC: Act: ADRIAN GOLD & HIS ELITE CAFÉ ORCHESTRA Album: A VIEW TO AVALANCHE Genre: Easy Listening; Satuday Afternoon Manhattan Music Theme Candidates (written; currently in development): 1. The Falls of Dorian Gray 2. One Dream in a Million 3. A Cloud, Maybe 4. Champagne in the Sunset 5. The Starlight Protocol 6. Dark Days Passsed By 7. A Tear Travelling Miles 8. Late Night Tea at Manhattan 9. Very Private Rainbow 10. The History of Paperplanes 11. Fire Sleeping in the Sands…


a) PROJECTED CD EDITIONS ‘2+ ALBUMS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE’: ALBUMS: 1. GATSBY & LAUREN (I): THE WORLD WE ARE A- CHANGIN’ featuring sensational denovo groups ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR and TESLA GIRLS! 2. GATSBY & LAUREN (II): TURN OF THE CARDS introducing breathtaking THE TOUCHDOWNS and ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA ALBUM SEQUELS: Act: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR Album II (solo album) : WORLD INSIDE Song Candidates (written; currently in development) 1. Coming Home, Finally 2. Perfect Nobodies 3. Tonight I Am Going to Die 4. Somebody Needs You Now 5. Turn of the Cards 6. Saved and Sealed by the Bell 7. Time to Close the Door 8. The Believers 9. Sailing 10. The Last Train to Coast 11. Never Look Back 12. Money All Over 13. From Europe to America 14. Running out of the West 15. The Princess…. Act: TESLA GIRLS! Album II ( a solo album): PERFECT DARKNESS Song Candidates (written): 1. Dark Horses 2. A Heart Full of Love Never Dies 3. Take It to the Limit 4. Sometimes When We Know 5. It’s Been So Long 6. We Gotta Move 7. I Am Late. And You? 8. Strangers Coming out of the Night 9. I Am Not Afraid To Move On 10. After We Have Touched 11. Running Low 12. Where the Love Has Gone … BONUS ALBUMS TO BE DEVELOPED: Act: NINA PICASSO & THE MODELIERS Album: PSST! A CLOUD, MAYBE Genre: Songwriter album; Recital; Intime; Cohenesque Song Candidates (written; in the process of advancement): 1.Pale Sort of Blue 2. Cafe d’ Europe (featuring Simon K.T., the ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR vocalist) 3. Two Million Years from Home 4. At the Time Like This 5. Storyteller against the Rain 6. Ships Never Meet in the Night 7. He Never Call Back 8. Visitor and the Roses 9. Black Angel Falling 10. Go Go Go…Go Away from Me 11. Jerusalem on Fire 12. This Planet According to the Snowman 13. Into the Matters.. Act: ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA Album: THE FINAL DAYS OF A LONELY HEART Genre: AOR Song Candidates (written; in the process of development): 1. Fly Back Tonight 2. Someday Never Comes 3. At First It Looked Like Love 4. Selling Time 5. One of a Kind 6. The Boulevard Where Hearts Break 7. Sailing over Ages 8. Showdowns 9. Sweet Silence of the Roman Empire 10. Call It a Day 11. Feel the Troubled Waters…. ALBUM RELEASES/EDEITIONS PLANNED (at this stage of prenegotiating with Venture Capital Business Angels group): 1. e-njoy! e-dition: Online releases> albums and singles, as tracks or chart elligible issues Planned: e-SINGLES (Double A-sided): DAta!DAta!. Kiss Me Automatic…It’s So Chic / Proud To Be Catholique ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR: Don’t Worry,Ma,Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright / Secrets of My Life e-Albums – Mega (ST)Art Edition: DAta! DAta!: ONE FOREVER AFTER ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR: FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME Note: Mega (ST)Art Edition shall be a unique experience of Gatsby & Lauren performing,recording and producing their own songs accompanied by the session musicians and singers whenever required. The bottom line od this opening editions, and debut albums by the acts developed by Gatsby & Lauren is to bring the overall sound to the degree expected later by the act’s to provide as of the follow-up album on. The acts shall perform the opening albums as bonus to their second albums in the version fresh and interesting enough for the public to compare the G&L version to those of the acts’. The re-recording of the opening albums by the acts DAta!DAta!, ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR and THE TOUCHDOWNS shall be named: SECOND LIFE EDITION, and be attached as a free supplement to the second albums of acts, or provided the public wants mixed combinations, the SECOND LIFE albums shall be added to the second album of any Gatsby & Lauren laboratory act. For example: The second ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR extended album WORLDS INSIDE shall feature the supplement FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CASMRE (Underplugged and Unplugged). If a fan wants the opening album of, eg., DAta!DAta!, as performed by Gatsby & Lauren attached thereto, it shall be done so provided the second album is purchased online or is burned in shops. GATSBY & LAUREN PLATINUM EDITIONS, as well as other physical CD/DVD editions shall distribute a number of bonuses, and so shall e-editions.


26.09.06 GATSBY & LAUREN: GENERAL OVERVIEW – MUSIC CATALOGUE OF THE PROJECTED RELEASES (Archive:2005 items included therein, the framework at the time of writing and development of creative work)

Gatsby & Lauren, widely hailed as a new, welfare minded media–finances service brand, are currently developing and by December 12, 2006 shall be putting out the first portion of their catalogue of their songs,recorded works, demos and works in progress, respectively. The formulaistic pop/rock patterns nourished by Ivan GATSBY and Isaac LAUREN blend the variety of styles into a unique innovative sound (umbrella term: AFTER POP-ROCK – alt.:…. NOIR), deliveringthe future of the music and music industry, as likely. High- end creative and exuction quality, often innovative content, both in music harmonies/melodies and lyrics, attached to the supreme production craft, delivers the very best the world public, regardless of age, activates decades of the former century sweet mories as well. Gatsby and Lauren being unique pioneers of tabloid press, investment reform to the social benefit, hereby walk uncharted path yet.

IMPORTANT: All copyrights and the related rights to the songs hereinunder, unles to be notified otherwise, are owned by Ivan Gatsby & Isaac Lauren.

TRADEMARK/HIGHLIGHTS: GATSBY & LAUREN CREATE THE VERY BEST OF GENERIC MUSIC COMMERCIALLY EXPLOITABLE AT ANY LEVEL, PUBLIC-/ GENREWISE;GATSBY & LAUREN HAVE BEEN WIDELY PERCEIVED AS THE HIT FACTORY, HITHERTO CREATING IN VITRO ACTS WHO CONTINUOSLY, ACCOMPANIED BY THE VALUES OF THE MEMBERS INCLUDED THEREIN,IN ADDITION TO THE IMAGERIES, LIKENESSES, NAMES AND THE MEDIA PRODUCTS, AS WELL AS SERVICES ATTACHED THERETO, GROW NEW MARKETABLE VALUES,AS COMPARED TO THE START-UP VALUES; GATSBY & LAUREN CREATE THE PRODUCT ON BOTH SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEGREES; THEIR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS SLICK AND PROFESSIONAL, HONOURED BY ANY OTHER MEANS OF EXPRESSION AND DISTRIBUTION RESPECTIVELY; GATSBY & LAUREN ARE DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING THE GOAL OF THE WELFARE SOCIETY AS A WHOLE, THEREBY APLYING SELECTED CRITERIA WHEREVER THE PRINCIPLES OF DEMOCRACY FAIL; GATSBY & LAUREN ALL-TALENT DISPLAY SHALL BE EXECUTED BY THE FORCE OF DEBUT ALBUMS. G&L SHALL WRITE,COMPOSE, ARRANGE, (CO)PERFORM, ENGINEER,RECORD,MASTER,MIX,PRODUCE EACH OF THE NEW ACT ‘S DEBUT ALBUM, FACILITATING THE SOUND EXPRESSION AS CLOSELY TO THE LATER ACT’S. EACH OF THE ALBUMS RELEASED IN THIS MANNER SHALL BE RECORDED BY THE ACT (such as: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR,etc,) AND GIVEN TO THE AUDIENCES FREE OF CHARGE AS A SUPPLEMENT TO THEIR SECOND ALBUM; PLEASE, DO NOTE: Ivan GATSBY and ISAAC LAUREN All songs are, and shall be written, composed , enginereed an produced by Gatsby & Lauren. The exceptions ranging to the songs written by close associates or relating to the covers or partial covers of the selected songs shall be notified accordingly. Unless otherwise picked out, the roster of the albums and teh singels therefrom shall be recorded, produced and issued as noted hereinunder. Gatsby and Lauren reserve the right to modify the projected schedule by the intro-albums performed by Gatsby&Lauren. The roster shall commence with the album ONE FOREVER AFTER supposed at this very stage to be an internet-only release performed by the Techno Pop-Electro Robot Pop Act: DAta!DAta! The e-Album ONE FOREVER AFTER, as the opening GATSBY & LAUREN’S e-njoy! e-dition item shall contain songs: Genre: Tabloid Techno Pop; Dream Pop; Robot Electro Pop Song Candidates (currently being demoed or recorded): 1. Kiss Me Automatic… It’s So Chic! 2. Life Goes On, 3. They Used to Be Robots (But We Are Robots No More) 4. Do You Ever 5. Life Goes On 6. Dance My Friend Dance 7. All Night Hallo 8. She Cried,Oh Yes! 10. How Electric We Can Get 11. Who Was That? 12. The Air That We Need 13. This Very Night 14. Unzipped Memories 15. Wishing by Numbers 16. Proud To Be Catholique 17. Hey Mister, Never Touch My Mind 18. One Forever (L)Aughter 19. ABC of Singing – So Far Away (just added) This e-, or any otherwise album shape, shall be followed by GATSBY & LAUREN EDITIONS as follows: A. ‘ e-njoy!’ e-dition: Features online albums containing at the later stage data and song bonuses such as: ‘Almost 3 albums for price of One!’ (working title of edition which has to be chart-elligible), B. ‘Mega (ST)Art Edition’ – into-editions announcing the following original acts’ releases, in online and physical shape, initial home made CD editions with valuable memorabilia a d other premium supplements, C. Gatsby & Lauren Classic Gold and Platinum EDition – global market CD and likewise editions. D. ‘Second Life’ editions: Bonus albumsto be added to the opening album of any Gatsby&Lauren’s in-house act. Eg: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR shall commence with double WORLDS INSIDE, with the supplement of FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME opening album originally performed by Gatsby&Lauren The Physical Releases have been projected as 2+ issues for the price of one. The lack of chart elligibility and the multiplatform distribution negotiation currently underway, however, might be subject to modifications. The Prime Edition:’ Double+ Pleasure for A Single Price!’ was supposed to contain: GATSBY & LAUREN (I): THE WORLD WE ARE A- CHANGIN’ featuring sensational denovo groups ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR and TESLA GIRLS ! Act: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR Album: FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME Songs – Candidates: 1. Heart of Gold (Seven Minutes) 2. Anywhere You Seem 3. Draw the Line 4. Every Rain in the World 5. Message to the People 6. Turn Back Time 7. Secrets of My Life 8. Walk On By(And Never Stop) 9. Don’t Worry, Ma, Nothing Is Gonna Be Alright, 10. Confessions of a Traveller 11. Evidence of Mind 12. Where Was My Friend When I Needed Him Most 13. Brothers in Blood 14. Walking down to Heaven 15. Closing Time 16. Why Do We Talk about Love 17. The Storm A-Comin’ 18. Pater Noster (Young Person’s Guide to Suicide), featuring Sir George Lawrence, DJ Marcel Le Catolique, Soldier of Allahu and Black Pearl 19. Living Only for Today 20. Twist in the London Town 21. A Town with No Name Act: TESLA GIRLS! Album: AN EVENING ON EARTH Songs-Candidates: 1. Lennon Just Tonight 2. Alert on Planet Earth 3. Love and Fears 4. Sound of Revolution 5. (On the) Streets of London 6. Dust in Your Eyes 7. Hold the Time 8.Darkness Must Go 9. Only a Call Away (featuring choir ‘Gregorian Distances’ ) 10. The Horroscope Heroes 11. Reason to Live 12. U Calling Me Around 13. Tune to the Moon, and I Am Gonna Visit You 14. Goodbye…Still Seems to Be the Hardest Word 15. Summertime Cola (Halo Hello Ola) 16. Dialling by Numbers 17. After the Kisss…They Call It Love Plus Bonus: ADRIAN GOLD & HIS ELITE CAFFEE ORCHESTRA ON mp3 Preserved instrumental themes from the Albums: A VIEW TO AVALANCHE and COLD SKY AND A PIANO 1. The Falls of Dorian Gray 2. One Dream in a Million 3. A Cloud, Maybe 4. Champagne in the Sunset 5. The Starlight Protocol 6. Dark Days Passsed By 7. A Tear Travelling Miles 8. Late Night Tea At Manhattann 9. Very Private Rainbow 10. The History of Paperplanes 11. Fire Sleeping in the Sands GATSBY & LAUREN II TURN OF THE CARDS introducing the breathtaking THE TOUCHDOWNS and ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA Act: THE TOUCHDOWNS Album: COMMUNICATION LOST Genre: Punk; Power Pop Song Candidates (written; currently in demo-development): 1.They Always Come Back 2. Can We Live Together 3. Nobody is Calling Your Name 5. All The Day He Was a Zero 6. Dreaming Life Away 7.The Things U Didn’t Do 8. Hard Life Goin’ On 9. Do You Feel Like Feeling Better 10.Good Morning, Oh Boy! 11. The Last Romantic on the Town 12. I Love Surfin’ Sex 13. Gimme Your Hand and Save Me Now 14. Dreams Are Broken…The World Is Open 15. Heroes on the Block 16. Claire (Have I Told You That I Love You Too) 17. Have You Seen Anything, Anything At All 18. It’s So Easy (To Fall in Love) 19. Vacant Law 20. Hallo. How Are You? Act: ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA Album: THE FINAL DAYS OF A LONELY HEART Genre: AOR Song Candidates (written; in the process of development): 1. Fly Back Tonight 2. Someday Never Comes 3. At First It Looked Like Love 4. Selling Time 5. One of a Kind 6. The Boulevard Where Hearts Break 7. Sailing over Ages 8. Slowdowns 9. Sweet Silence of the Roman Empire 10. Call It a Day 11. Feel the Troubled Waters Plus Bonus: NOTE – The Premium Clients shall watch and listen to this album making as recorded – alive: NINA PICASSO & THE MODELIERS: PSST! A CLOUD, MAYBE ( At the Time Like This) 1. Pale Sort of Blue 2. Caffe d’Europe (featuring Ariels) 3. Two Million Years from Home 4. At the Time Like This 5. Storyteller against the Rain 3. Ships Never Meet in the Night 6. He Didn’t Call Back 7.Visitor and the Roses 8. Oh Gee, Not That Starman 9. Black Angel Falling 10. Go Go Go… Go Away from Me 11. Jerusalem on Fire 12. This Planet According to the Snowman 13. Into the Matters THE RELEASES TO FOLLOW, FEATURING THE ACTS OUTSTANDING: Act: ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR Album II (solo album) : WORLDS INSIDE Songs- Candidates: 1. Coming Home, Finally 2. The Perfect Nobodies 3. Tonight I Am Going to Die 4. One Forever After 5. Somebody Needs You Now 6. Turn of the Cards 7. Saved and Sealed by the Bell 8. Time to Close the Door 9. The Believers 10. Sailing 11. The Last Train to Coast 12. Never Look Back 13. Money All Over 14. From Europe to America 15. Running Out of the West 16. The Princess + uNPLUGGED AND underPLUGGED VERSIONS OF THE ‘FROM THE SHADOWS THEY CAME’ ALBUM SONGS Act: TESLA GIRLS! Album II ( a solo album): THEORY OF MIDNIGHT Songs-Candidates: 1. Dark Horses 2. A Heart Full of Love Never Dies 3. Take It to the Limit 4. Sometimes When We Know 5. It’s Been So Long 6. We Gotta Move 7. I Am Late. And You? 8. Strangers Coming out of the Night 9. Not Afraid To Move On 10. After We Have Touched 11. Where Has the Love Gone ALBUMS PROJECTED TO BE RELEASED ENGAGING THE ORIGINAL RECORDING AND SUITABLE COMPILATION ISSUES FEATURING GATSBY & LAUREN ORIGINAL ARTISTS, AS WELL AS POSSIBLE COVERS OF GATSBY & LAUREN SONGS: 1. GATSBY & LAUREN COMPILATION ONE: HITSTERIA! (OH!plugged, Semiplugged, Overplugged) 2. GATSBY & LAUREN: SPECIAL CHISTMASS ISSUE!: ACOUSTICALLY YOURS GATSBY & LAUREN RELEASES AND ACTS DEMO DEVELOPMENTS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY: a. ‘Double Pleasure (For Single Price) b. ‘The Very First Internet Pop Opera: Almost Forever’ by ‘Various Artists’ c. ’Interview with a Saint’ by ‘Nexxxt to Madonna’ d. ‘The First Touch’ by Eurozone GATSBY & LAUREN REGISTERED IN VITRO ACTS GALLERY FEATURE THE FOLLOWING (2006-2016): Ariel the Templar/ Tesla Girls! / The Touchdowns/ T-Bees/ Data!Data!/ Eurozone/ Electric Park Orchestra/ Protocol ‘69/ Dream Committee/ Amen Now/ Dream Index/ Yes-S/ Frappe/ Mr.Vampire Project/ Electric Sister 2007/ K-Plus/ Adrian Gold and His Elite Orchestra/ Yv / Nexxxt to Madonna/ Nina Picasso and the Modeliers/ Merien/ d’Accord / L’Avvocato / Marcel Le Catholique/ The Priorities / The Nominees/ James and the Outsiders/ Edisson, a.s.f. TENTATIVE TIMETIBLE OF THE ORIGINAL RELEASES PROJECTED (working titles): ARIEL tHE TEMPLAR: 2006/07 – From the Shadows They Came / 2007/08 – Worlds Inside/ 2009 –The Breaking News TESLA GIRLS!: 2007 – An Evening on Earth / 2008 Theory of Midnight / 2009 – They aLive (So OH!Plugged ) THE TOUCHDOWNS: 2007 – Communication Lost / 2008 – Physical Evidence / 2009 – When the Days Stop DATA!DATA: 2006 – One Forever After/ 2008 – Privileged Information ADRIEN GOLD & HIS ELITE CAFFE ORCHESTRA: 2007-2010: So Far-The Ultimate Net Collection ( inc. albums: A View to Avalanche – Cold Sky and a Piano –Darkness Falling on Manhattan ) NINA PICASSO & THE MODELIERS: 2008 – Pssst! A Cloud,Maybe / 2009 – Yesterdays of Never / 2010 – Into This World We Were Born ELECTRIC PARK ORCHESTRA: 2007 – The Final Days of a Lonely Heart / 2008 – Somebody Long Ago T-BEES: 2009 – Lovecution / 2011 – Thunders and TV -Show AMEN NOW: A Remote Bible View (Another Story of Heaven) – The Pilgrims Who Drew the Crowds (releases dates not specified) THE VERY FIRST INTERNET POP OPERA (versatile acts): 2008 – Almost Forever (accompanied by the hit book ‘Earthernal C..00medy’) More Media Projects to be announced after having signed the multiplatform agreement for the GATSBY & LAUREN companies: -MI2 Music Ltd., publishing -HIT INDUSTRIA (u.o.), development, production, business services,export -plusINVEST GROUP, covering the noble cause of manufacturing development, practical banking suitable to every individual and legal entity, cheap micro payment, bank and investment funds multiplying the value of the capital – GATSBY & LAUREN GLOBAL MEDIA & FINANCE Ltd. (i.f.), enabling the investors and youngsters to purcase the media works at their comfortand within realistic capabilities.


26.09.06 LYRICS!! DAta! DAta! covers in making: ‘BUBBLEGUM’ (but SUGARFREE!!) INSTANT MASSIVE TOP 40 HIT TO BE AVAILABLE AS A TRACK AS OF DECEMBER 14, 2006: KISS ME AUTOMATIC…IT’S SO CHIC (The album forthcoming by April 15,2007: ONE FOREVER AFTER)

GATSBY & LAUREN brilliant in establishing new subgenre: TABLOID TECHNO POP!


Written and composed by Ivan Gatsby and Isaac Lauren

Kiss me…Kiss me / ROBOT CHOIR: Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me kiss me it’s so chic / Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me kiss me it’s so chic / HUMAN-LIKE VOICE: Nicole I like you so / Nicole I need you so ROBOT 2: But she said NICOLE: Take a flight tonight Ooooooooo Take a flight tonight ROBOT 2: She said NICOLE: Take a flight tonight / Ooooooooo / Take a flight tonight / ROBOT 1: Brothers, we should help our master / Before his mind falls apart / ROBOT 2: This night we’ve got the mission / Of saving his sacred heart / REFRAIN: ROBOT CHOIR: Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic / Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic / HUMAN-LIKE VOICE: People…Getting more and more lunatic (originally:’robotique’) / ROBOT VOICES: Kiss me kiss me automatic…Kiss me Kiss me it’s so chic / ROBOT 1: The issue is, we will repair the past / As our master is lying on his bed / ROBOT VOICE 2: I’ve checked all the mails he’s never sent / Telling us what’s going on in his head / NICOLE: Fly back tonight / Oooooooo / Fly back tonight / ROBOT 2: She would say NICOLE: Fly back tonight / Oooooooo / Fly back tonight / ROBOT 1: We’ll get Nicole close to him / ROBOT 2: And fix his broken heart again / GAY ROBOT: Nicole, enter our machine / Stay there, enjoy your moments of fame / REFRAIN (repeat)


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